Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how lovely are your branches??

I LOVE real Christmas trees....yes, I am one of those people, those weird few who think that Christmas can't be a real Christmas without a real tree.
There are several downsides to this, of the biggest is that you can't put it up sooner. Yes, I'm also one of those crazies who would not even sort-of mind putting up my tree on November 1st, or the eve of October 31st, as one of my friends did this year!! ha ha
Alas, you cannot put it up until at least the end of November, because no one sells them that early. You also have the chance that it won't live all the way to Christmas. Another bummer is that you always have to remember to water it. This may not seem a problem to most people, but as my family knows, I'm not great with plants. Or pets. Or any living thing for that matter. Except children, ha ha, I seem to have been able to keep those alive somehow. 

THE worst thing however, is not the time and energy it takes to care for it, or how it pokes you when you decorate it, or the millions of pine needles your left with is putting it UP!
Wow, I'm sure selling you on changing to real trees, huh? They are amazing, don't get me wrong. No matter how wonderful, life-like and full manufacturers try and make their fake trees, they will never replace a real tree. ever. Its fake, and it always will be. 
It doesn't give off that wonderful aroma like a real one does. I LOVE the smell of fresh trees, its the most Christmasy smell I can think of. 
Our tree is PERFECT this year! It is tall, full, round....everything you could ask for in a real tree....its amazing. It has one teeny tiny flaw won't stay up! Okay, okay, this may be more than a teeny weeny flaw....but it IS beautiful!! After 3 or 4 hours of trying to put it up, watching it lean more and more...or like one time we left the living room, actually fell flat is being held up with some very strong, very tight fishing line, attached to some big water jug in the front hall. 
Oh yes, highly attractive, gotta love it! 
Although, whenever I sit and look at it, my anger to my wonderful tree, melts away....and as I sit here on my bed blogging about her (the tree, of course its female, it smells nice, its beautiful...and difficult), I can't help but adore her! And she's not even decorated yet!! Imagine how beautiful she'll look once she is...aaahhh....I mean...ohhhhh....Christmas tree.
After all this time of trying to put her up, there is a chance Daddy might try and argue for a fake one next year. Uh-oh little tree, look what you've got us into now! lol....maybe I should come up with a nickname for her...hmmm....I'll think of a good one. 
So, at the end of the day, we didn't get nearly enough cleaning done, we didn't have time to put the Christmas lights up, I haven't showered, and our poor little tree is being held up by string, Daddy has some ingenious idea on how to fix it, something about sandbags....ha ha...sounds sketchy. 
Don't let my tree-putting-up blues scare you out of going real, I'm all for real...and usually its not nearly this difficult....well, except for the time that our fully decorated and well-lit 9 1/2 ft. tree fell straight down in our living room....that was precious. Well, before I change your mind more, I'm done! And I'll post some pics later. We plan on decorating it tomorrow, seems like a good family-time Sunday activity. 
Oh Christmas tree, you smell loverly!


  1. sorry, I'm all about the fake! Besides I have some great scentsy scents that smell just as christmasy! or maybe even! I'm excited to see pics of this beautiful tree though!

  2. I haven't had a real tree in years! Maybe I should stick one of those pine scented air fresheners inside the branches - to remember the smell! I just remember real trees being so expensive for nice looking ones! In that case, a fake tree will be paid for in 2 years! Fake or not, Christmas trees are so enchanting!

  3. ha ha...fake is SO much easier, and definitely cheaper too, although save-on-foods has THE best real trees, super nice and full, for only $40, which seems like a good price. If I do go fake, I'll definitely get one of those pine fresheners or scentsy thingys. ha ha.