Tuesday, November 23, 2010

winter oh winter....my little rant...

Dear world,
I have a love hate relationship with winter. I LOVE to look at snow, its so pretty and sparkly....and COLD! Now, therein the problem lies....if snow didn't have to be so stinking cold, or at least the weather outside have to be so cold in order to accommodate snowy weather....I'm sure there would be no hate in this love-hate relationship. Oh wait, there still would....only because it makes driving conditions to treacherous....seriously, no wonder there are SO many car accidents....on icy days like it has been the last few days, its common to see several car accidents on a short drive down town. My friend D passed by 3 car accidents just on one main road yesterday morning....crazy!!! You have to drive like an old person, just to insure that if you have to stop suddenly, you'll have time to do so. 
Last winter, the only thing that kept me sane was the hope that we would get a SUPER awesome job somewhere farther south than here, and NEVER have to suffer through an Albertan winter again....but oh no, we were mistaken. Here I am in another winter, having the exact same thoughts. 
What possibly might be the biggest reason I hate snow/winter is the fact that we stay inside SO much. Before I had kids, I would stay inside and have a really hard time getting motivated to do anything, and so most of the time, I just wouldn't. Winter would be a time to coop up and do nothing, well, except eat copious amounts of food, lol. Its even worse now that I have kids, because they LOVE going outside....the only thing that keeps them happy and easy to live with, is if we have something going on everyday. So usually we have swimming lessons, gymnastics, playgroup etc....something to get us out of the house at least once and day, and to promote sanity in all of us. Now, we can either decide to brave the weather (if our vehicle starts, which it wouldn't yesterday), or stay at home all day, longing to be out somewhere....
So....in conclusion, I'd like to say that I would love forever the person who could somehow invent a type of snow thats not so cold to the touch, does not need cold weather in order to accommodate it and does not land on sidewalks or driveways or roads. Or someone who finds me a job in Hawaii, either or. 

the end.


  1. I can relate. Yet for some reason Roel always wants to go play in the snow. Doesn't he know how cold it is? Speaking of Hawaii - that's where we'll be in less than 2 weeks - mwahaha!

  2. WHAT?! You hoser, your going to hawaii without me?? no invite?? Take me!! take me!! leave gary at home with JD and the kids....great idea, I know....ha ha...and A loves the cold too, he thinks snow is pretty much the best thing ever invented! LOl

  3. you and your dad- He grumps around the house, "I HATE snow, I HATE this weather, I HATE living here. You should have never taken me to Arizona, I want to move there RIGHT NOW!! blah, blah, blah- snow is beautiful, snow is white and yes, it is cold, but oh well, so is ice-cream!! Which I ate as I was driving in the -28 degree weather going to pick up kids after school.

  4. ha ha....your FUNNY mom!!! LOL...yes, I would prefer to live somewhere warm, but I would definitely miss the snow too....its the dang driving that I really don't like...and the fact that the car never starts, lol