Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm a Guest Blogger!!

So, I was invited to be a guest blogger and write a post about adoption. Which is REALLY exciting! I really appreciate this wonderful girl for giving me the opportunity to tell my story on her blog. If anyone is interested in reading it click here.

In other news....I'm having a really difficult time deciding on a pet....A has been asking one for ages!!! He even tells me all of the different kinds of pets he'd like. "Maybe a bunny, or a turtle like the ninja turtles, but not as big, or a fish! I'm not allergic to those!" Poor little guy has a severe allergy to dogs, and we don't really have the space for one anyways. I'm leaning towards a little tiny turtle, but we haven't had any luck with that. Daddy and I realized we are just not really "pet people" as we perused through the pet store on our last date. We came up with a reason for not wanting almost every pet in there...too big, too much work, too expensive, too smelly, needs to much space and on and we left with nothing. The only thing we actually both agreed on liking was a Siamese fighting fish, that would just hang on the wall....ha ha....boring! The only other animal that daddy really liked was the huge sloth!! LOL...and it't not for sale, just to look at. He thinks it would be the coolest pet ever, of course, ha ha. 
Daddy has a day off tomorrow! YAY!! So hopefully we'll have more time to search out some cool animals....and maybe do some more Christmas shopping. The main event of the weekend though, will be weaning R. Yes, he still nurses, and I haven't mind continuing to nurse him because he loves it, and he is just the cutest little baby ever, so its a win-win. But, we are putting him on an elimination diet, to see if he has it seems like a good time to quit. especially because he really dislikes sleeping at night, ha ha, we're hoping this will help. I'm sure I'll have a blog post about how this weekend goes, according to the paediatrician, it will be miserable....but how much worse can it be than it already is at night?? ha ha....we shall see. 
Blog out!

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