Saturday, November 6, 2010

So we went on a date last night...

the end. ha ha...pretty much, it was exciting too. We went out with my awesome friend N, whom it seems we never get to go out with, so it was really nice! Equally as nice was meeting her new boyfriend, who I would normally dub R, but since how he looks exactly like Jake Sully (ya know, avatar)...I will dub Jake, instead. So, we went out with N and Jake, and had a really nice time....ate a wonderful dinner at the cheesecake cafe, and for future reference, if anyone is going there, order the broccoli soup in a bread bowl, it is to DIE for!! Equally as exciting as getting out of the house, was the fact that the children love our babysitter SO much, that they refused to say goodbye to Daddy and I....and were much more interested in her than the fact that we were abandoning them for the evening. It was a miracle.

A few hours before that....Daddy came home from work with flowers, which may seem like an ordinary thing to all of you, but actually isn' all. Even on those required flower days, like mothers day, valentines etc....I usually don't get flowers. I could count on my hand the amount of time I've gotten flowers from him since we fact, I could count on less than one hand. Its never bothered me though, as daddy knows that  I prefer food, clothes, pretty much flowers. Not that I don't like flowers, just that I would like them much more if they were edible. Which is why I loved the last gift he gave me, which was an edible arrangement, in the shape of a flower bouquet. It was quite possibly the best present he's ever given me. 

Anyways, back to my I was quite in shock when he came home with a lovely bouquet of flowers for me. I was happily in shock though. I've always thought that flowers are a nice surprise gift....I think that is what they should be used for, a "just because" type gift. And on those holidays where its required you give should be edible. I was curious what made him, after 5 years of pretty much no flowers, give me them then. Maybe I mentioned it while sleep talking or something, thats all I can think of. Now, if only he read my blog....he'd know exactly what to get me for each holiday! Too bad for him, unless I have  more sleep-talking give-aways, he'll be stumped again next holiday. 

I always try and remember the cute quotes that A and R say throughout the day, so that I can post them. I remember thinking today that I was going to have WAY too many to post, ha ha, it was a good day....but lucky for me, I must have early Alzheimer's or something, I rarely remember my first name after 10:00 in the morning, and I never remember anything past that. So, there won't be nearly as many funny quotes posted today, as there actually was said today

In blog-closing (blosing? clobbing)...I thought I'd mention how short and sweet this blog post was, since how my last few would have given Moroni a run for his money, lol (sorry, Mormon joke, for all those who don't get it, google "epistle", LOL). 

Daily gratitudes: my surprise flowers, going on an amazing date, finally meeting Jake sully (or at least his look-alike, which was good enough for me), sleeping in every Saturday morning because my hubby is amazing! Oh, I almost forgot, and broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl. 

Funny Quote(s): Daddy was thanking R for doing something good last night and said "Good boy R"...R turned to him and said "Good boy daddy"....he is such a cute boy! Its so fun listening to him learn to speak in sentences. A asked to say the blessing on the food last night....pointing to a picture of Christ, he said, "I wanna say the prayer because this guy like its when I pray."

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