Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with "a-vengeance"

SO....I <3 Halloween...seriously. 

I think for months and months about crazy awesome costume ideas...I think I had this one down by like July or August?

The hubby and I have a serious LOVE for anything and everything superhero...action movies are our FAVE!!

Thus, when "The Avengers" came out...we LOVED it!! I tried convincing everyone to go in costume to opening night...but it, this year on Halloween we decided to go as the crew of the Avengers!!

Every year, our family does a theme for Halloween...last year we were ninjas, the year before we were The this was perfect! 

I love how it turned out! We convinced my little sister, who is currently living with us, to be Thor (she had the perfect color and length of hair). 

Last minute, one of our awesome friends called and said she'd be Hulk...and boy did she look sweet!!

Here's the crew...

I'm not sure what's going on with my goofy face here...I shoulda looked more stealth...but anyways...pretty awesome:)

Totally worth how much candy we snagged too! We started at 2, went to some malls, and then 1 trunk-or-treat, and then trick-or-treating for almost 3 hours after that. 

I'm excited to see how much candy we raked in. We sell it to the dentist every year for troops overseas. The kids get to write a little card and everything. Then we head to the toy-store and they get a toy instead of all that candy!! 

It's a great tradition. 

Happy Halloween everyone!! :)