Sunday, January 27, 2013


It has been a LONG month...back and forth to E-town constantly...field trips, swimming lessons, home reading, teaching Sunday school, joy-school, babysitting seems like we've been crazy busy over here. 
With all that though, there is the added benefit of my pregnancy going by so quickly. At least, it seems that way. I'm exactly 23 1/2 weeks today...crazy!
Have I said that I think May is the perfect month to have a baby? All these hot flashes happening in the winter is awesome, the summer, not so awesome. the time little bean makes his appearance, the weather will be nice and warm, but not too hot. I won't have to worry about all the extra blankies or bundling'll be great:)
I'm finally going to see my actual baby-doctor, the one who will (fingers crossed) be delivering our sweet boy. I haven't seen him since right after roo was born, so it's been a while. I'm anxious to see what he thinks about me doing a VBAC, and to finally be able to come up with a birthplan. This whole time I've just been hoping that things will go well, but I really have no idea if I'll be having another planned c-section, or be able to try a VBAC this time. 
And again...I haven't uploaded photos:( Hopefully I'll remember to take some pictures today, because I did my hair and everything! :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 21/22

I took 22 week pictures, but haven't uploaded them here's week 21...
(there's probably not much of a difference anyways)

I feel really blessed this pregnancy...usually my pregnancies are WAY makes me want to have more kids sooner than later. It will help however if I have an easy delivery, easy baby (no colick this time? fingers crossed) and a baby that sleeps and far the other 2 boys have not been so good in any of these areas.
Sometimes...just for a bit, I forget I'm even pregnant, because I feel SO's crazy, I don't think I've ever felt that way before. Just ask my friends, who witnessed my crazy panic attacks of thinking something was very wrong with my baby because I felt way too good...ha ha...I'm a crazy person, I know. far I've gained less than 10 lbs (I think only around 5-6, but haven't weighed in this past week or so). 
My only complaints are incessant eating (can't I feel full for even like an hour?), constant heartburn (no fun, but I figured it would happen), indigestion...which goes with the last one (so much so that I sometimes can't keep keep my food down, it's weird) and insomnia (usually I don't sleep at all, but on a good night I fall asleep for 3 or 4 hours, this only started 2 weeks ago or so). 
I'm used to no sleep, with having gone through 2 sleep-less boys already, so I do pretty well with it. I haven't been (overly) grumpy, and I can hold it together pretty well, even without my hubby being around much lately. 

That's pretty much it....although I'm still surprised I'm having a boy (because of my serious lack of weight gain, small stomach and general feeling-good-ness) different than before, weird. 

I'm getting really excited to meet the little peanut!! But seriously anxious about what I have to go through in order to make that happen...VBAC or c-section, they both won't be awesome, that's for sure. I meet with my "real" doc soon, so hopefully I'll know what is in the future for our delivery plans...but fingers crossed that things go well this time around:)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

This is my year...2013

I first have to say how excited I am that it's 2013...13 has been both mine and my hubby's fave number for as long as we both can remember (probably pre-teen age...who knows).
He thinks that it was his number first and that I had a such a major crush on him (which I DID) that I made that my fave number too...not true:) I'm sure I had it before he did!
The moral of the story is that it's bound to be a FANTASTIC year:)

Things I'm excited for:
-Daydreaming about the house we'll have someday...and hopefully coming closer to that goal throughout the year
-Having our little peanut come to us this year...and making a wicked nursery for him!
-Organizing the house much better...making the kids a great toy room
-Saving a lot of money throughout the year (fingers crossed)...that will go towards a new house (or student loans, depending on if you ask me or my hubby;)
-Having my hubby finish "training" at his work, and actually start working. It'll still be a while...but we're excited for that step!
-Having a TON of fun with my family and friends AND hopefully becoming a better person while I'm at it:)

I made a pretty lengthy list of goals (that I'm super stoked about)...I don't like to call them New Years resolutions because I like to come up with goals all-year round, and constantly be re-vamping them and getting rid of these are mostly just my "next" goals.

Here they are:
-Saving a lot more money this year(through having cheaper dates, scrimping more on my miscellaneous and food budgets and planning cheaper outings and activities with the kiddos)
-Increasing Temple attendance. Our Stake has specifically asked us to do this. I think it'll be great for us, as we can just use this as our date nights 2x month. This works awesome with our free live-in sitter, as she's busy with work, we can work out a schedule that works for all of us.
-Increasing scripture study. This is a long one...
I'm totally re-vamping the way that I study everyday. I'll continue reading a few pages from the Book of Mormon everyday. I'll underline anything to do with The Holy Ghost, so I can learn more about that specifically.That way of marking scripture came from Elder Bednar (who I adore), and I'm previously done it while marking about prayers, and answers to them.
 I will also be going along the themed outlines of the new Sunday School curriculum (of which I teach), and studying on my own daily about that months theme. This month is The Godhead, and I've already learnt a lot this last week, and can't wait to delve deeper in the next 3 weeks to come.
-Spending less time on electronics. This includes not checking all of my social media sites a bazillion times a day. Also, limiting TV-watching to 2-3 nights a week, after the kids are sleeping.
-During the day, before I do anything on "electronics" I'll be spending quality time with each of the kids, getting my daily to-do lists done, and keeping the house clean.
-Go to bed earlier, and try and wake up earlier--so we can spend time as a family in the morning.
-One last one I just thought of in the last week or so is increasing my relationship with my hubby. We get a long really great, but I think it would be nice to add more "high-school romance". Things I thought of were holding hands more, cuddling more while were sitting next to each other anyways, writing love notes, daydreaming(I read that online and think it's  such a cute idea...I always used to daydream about him while dating-check out the link to read more about that) and going on fun and romanc-y date-nights/spending quality time together (also super cute ideas online).

I think that's everything...and it's going well so far:)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

20 weeks and halfway:)

Well, I'm halfway! So I figured it'd be a good time to actually post all if my "drafts" that I've been saving for the last 17 weeks or so. 
We're up in Edmonton for the hubby's work and having a great time. The boys say they never want to  go back home...but I'm pretty sure the hotel room will get old eventually:)
Our Christmas was awesome, I loved having everyone over at my place...but one thing I noticed (besides that there is NO point in making plans when it comes to my family, because it usually ends up happening completely differently, lol) is that I need a NEW house....a much bigger one. 
My house just isn't made to entertain 20 plus my goal is to start scrimping and saving, so sometime in the next year or two we can build the house that's currently in my head. 
I've had a lot of time to think while driving over the Holidays, and I've come up with some new goals for the year that I'm excited about. 
-yes we know the gender now...I'm think of outting it on Facebook soon, so people stop wondering if I'm just getting fat:)
-I can feel the baby move all the time now, if I sit down long enough to think about it
-I'm feeling pretty good, the indigestion/heartburn hasn't been too bad lately 
-Roo constantly hugs, kisses and rubs my belly...usually talks to it too. I think he's the most excited one out of ALL of's pretty stinking cute. 
-I haven't been sleeping well lately...hopefully it's jus the hotel room, and not permanently staying this way. 
-I got some really cute maternity clothes, and pants that are super comfy. I may always wear them:)

When I'm not stuck blogging on my iPad, I'll actually post some new pictures. My belly us slightly bigger, not too much though. I think it's noticeable now! Ha ha

Week 18...

Well, I'm "officially" 18 weeks...because I had my actual scheduled ultrasound, and she officially changed my dates, just as my ultra-sound tech friend had said.
My new due date is now May 23rd. My hubby has always said he thinks the baby will come on May 24th.
I'm feeling pretty good, minus the indigestion/heartburn.
Un-related to pregnancy I have been sick with an awful cold for the last 2 weeks, that has had me mostly's been awesome, not. I feel like I'm finaly on the mend, I just get tired really easily.
Roo loves to give the baby kisses, and we mostly call the baby "jellygopher" which is a name A came up with when we were pregnant with roo.
We don't have too many baby names picked we'll have to start working on that list sometime soon.
We're pretty excited to start the Christmas festivities that will ensue this weekend, as everyone in my immediate family is celebrating Christmas over at our house! :)

Week 14/15

I think I'm around 14 weeks (by LMP) and 15 weeks (by my ultrasound). 
I had another quick ultrasound, thanks to my awesome see if we could find out the gender a little early. 
I would tell you more about that....but I think we're gonna keep it hush-hush until we go to our "real" ultrasound. 
Luckily...we were able to switch it a few weeks earlier, so that the hubby gets to be there too.
A week or two ago I started feeling WAY better. I get dizzy occasionally  sometimes nauseous ..but really pretty much not at all. 
The only new symptom I've started feeling is indigestion/heartburn...which so far has been slight. BUT, usually it doesn't start for me this earlier, and always gets increasingly, not super excited for that to happen. 
I seriously haven't gotten bigger at all! People keep commenting on how small I look...which is crazy, because  mere few weeks ago, I felt huge so early...but I have just remained the same...weird. 
Our dear friends had a sweet little baby boy that I got to snuggle with this week...he is such a doll:) 

I feel really lucky this time around...I'm past the sickness stage...I feel great...I don't have to eat constantly...and everything seems to be going so normally. Hopefully the rest of my pregnancy is just as good!! (fingers crossed)

I see my OBGYN for the first time sometime in the next month or so...which is super exciting. I just really think he's SO awesome, and feel really at ease with his capabilities. 
Hopefully we'll be able to talk more about my birth-plan, and see whether or not a VBAC is an option for me...which is what we've been hoping for:)

Well...that's about it for now...and MAYBE, just maybe, one day I'll actually remember to take a picture or two again of me? ha:)

Week 12/13

Nothing new to report.
I have a horrible memory and pretty much forget everything...even when I am reminded, and have it written awesome.
I kind of feel like my brain is leaking out little by little...or maybe lot by lot?! That's probably more likely.
Thus, I have completely forgotten to take a picture for the last 2 or so weeks...I don't think I've gotten much bigger though.
I had my first real prenatal appointment. I haven't gained a pound, which I suspected, because I've had a hard time eating for the first 12 or weeks.
The last week has been getting better, and I've been feeling more like myself, and getting much more of an appetite...which is nice.
A and Roo are super excited for the baby....especially roo. He talks about the baby ALL the time, and in every prayer says "thank you that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and that it's going to pop out in May".
He knows I'm due in May, because almost every 5 seconds he was asking about when the baby would pop out, and why it was taking so long...maybe I should have waited a few more months to tell them? ha ha.
Roo went with me to my appointment and got to listen to the heartbeat and the baby kick...he loved it. He told everyone that day that he listened to the baby in my tummy kicking and splashing around (splashing came after a long discussion about how the baby was fitting in my tummy and what it was doing and amniotic fluid etc.).
I'm hoping that this feeling well stint just keeps increasing...although it IS quite annoying to be hungry pretty much all the time...but babies are cute and so worth it:)
Hopefully I'll actually remember to take a picture soon!

Week 11 is week 12?! dates may be a little off. I've never been super accurate when keeping track, and who knows when I actually definitely isn't exact every month.
SO...I have this awesome friend who also happens to be an ultrasound tech, and she did a quick little ultrasound for me.
There is only 1 baby...sad, but true...maybe next time?!
It was crazy how cute and sweet the baby already looked. It was flipping around and kicking and moving it's sweet. I loved watching the just makes everything so much more real.
According to mu ultrasound I'm a week farther ahead. This would move my due date from May 29th to May 22nd...yippee!!
We all know that babies never come when we expect who knows...but I'll take an extra week of counting down:)
In other news...I parked in "Expectant Mother" parking at Toys-r-us...I only felt slightly bad, since how most people probably can't tell that I'm actually pregnant yet...but the closest spot was like WAY away from the whatever, ha ha.
I started feeling way better the last few days...I'm hoping this means I'm nearing the end of feeling yucky...that would be awesome! It would also go better with my "new" due I usually do start to feel better around week 12...hopefully it lasts!!

Week 7-9

Nothing much has changed in the last few weeks. The nausea/morning sickness (NOT fun) lasts all day, evening and fact the morning is usually when it is the much for "morning" sickness, eh?

I feel really big noticeably big. People probably just think I'm putting on a ton of weight or something...or just don't want to ask, ha ha. 

I went out with some girls on Wednesday and I felt like I looked huge!! Apparently I was, because my sister totally noticed...whom I hadn't told up to that point. So ya, I told her. 

I've had the chance to tell pretty much everyone in my family now. I thought I'd wait a couple more weeks...but if random strangers start noticing, and ask, I'd rather my family know first. 

The last 2 days have been THE worst....I've been just as sick as I was in Mexico...and I've been in bed almost that entire time...awesome. 

Luckily it landed on a weekend, so my hubby helped out a ton yesterday, and an awesome friend of mine took A to school for me. 

 A overheard me talking about Ultrasounds and babies and such and asked what it meant and what I was saying. I decided it would be a good time to tell the boys. 

This is the conversation:

Me: I have a surprise to tell you guys!

A: Is it a toy?

Me: No, it's way better than a toy!

Me: There is something in momma's belly....
(they both guess....a baby!)

Roo: I've always wanted a baby! I love babies!

A: I wanted an underground mansion (he looked pretty disappointed)

(I explain that my belly will get bigger until one day I'll pop out the baby)

Me: What do you want, a Boy or a girl?

A: I want a brother

Roo: I want you to pop out 2 babies...a brother and a sister brother

And that's pretty much it! Kids are the best, aren't they? :)

I've been wanting to take pictures weekly, but it's taken my 5 whole weeks just to here I am at 9 weeks:

Week 10 in pictures...

WOAH...I feel crazy fat right now...yuppers. Haven't gained a pound though, because the nausea makes it really difficult to eat regularly.  
BUT, looking at these pics I would never guess I was only 10 weeks...seriously, what the heck. 
Anyways...I must be growing a monster...or growing some copious amounts of squishy fat for this baby to grow in. 

A has decided that he is VERY excited to have a baby, and that he doesn't mind if it's a boy or a girl:) 

Serious picture don't have to look at them all...just for my blogging pleasure.

This is my personal I thought I'd super-size it;)

week 6...

Well, this week has by far been the most eventful, mostly because we were in MEXICO!! SO much fun:)
I was a little worried about getting sick on our vacay, so I took some anti-nausea stuff with me, just in case.
On the day I turned 6 weeks, which was a wed., I got heat stroke and major sea-sickness...that mixed with pregnancy did not bode well. I felt like death from that morning until Thursday evening at around 7, and I'm pretty sure it was only due to the fact that I started taking the meds I had brought with me that I even started feeling better.
For the next day or so I felt fine, and so I stopped taking them.
The effect of the meds wore off somewhere around sat. morning, as I started getting sick again, and joy of joys have been sick 24-7 since that day! ha's not bad enough for me to take anything for it, I can handle it.
My first 2 pregnancies I was mostly just sick if I waited longer than 2 hours in between eating, and every morning, and mostly every evening. The sickness was a lot more hardcore then. Right now I just have a gradual nausea, that I can handle, but it just NEVER goes away...I mean never.
From the minute I open my eyes in the morning until I fall asleep at night, I'm sick. Even if I wake up in the middle of the night to pee (weird, I know, right? ha ha)...I'm sick.
Alas, this is what babies to do you...but their cute, so whatev.

Some new things:
-I forgot about my constant stuffy nose/bleeding usually happens every day of my pregnancies...yay me!
-I haven't had another leg cramp yet, fingers crossed!
-The daily nausea makes it really difficult to eat, and I NEVER want to eat, or enjoy any food at all, I have a hard time even swallowing it down...which is super weird for me. I can't remember ever feeling this way. I mean, who doesn't love a good turkey dinner? Me, apparently.
-The hubby still thinks it's a girl, and is sticking to the name "Rolling Thunder".
-We've had a few friends "find out", it was a little tricky keeping it secret in Mexico, considering my sicknesses, lack of taking any of the pills offered to me for motion sickness and my freaking out over "making sure" every drink was virgin...I may have gone a little crazy about that last part, ha ha. So much for keeping it a secret!

I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow!! :)

Week 5

Well...I'm 5 weeks today!

This week:
 I've been noticing that I get hungry WAY more often....even if I eat something big, it only takes a couple of hours to get hungry again.
I wake up super early! At the first sign of any noise, and sometimes for no reason at all, I wake up. I have a really hard time getting back to's been impossible to thus far. I think I'm just becoming a lighter sleeper than I already was. There is always so much noise in the mornings too, because of all the people getting up and getting ready for school/work day, we won't have anyone living with us, I'm sure! ha ha
It'd starting to feel a little more real...but not quite yet..definitely not enough to start talking about it...but every once in a while I do talk to my hubby about a new symptom, or a weird thought that I have.
The last few weeks I've been a lot more weepy TV shows, sad things in life, or babies crying...whatever.
I feel like every time I talk to someone, somehow my news will just slip out! I've been trying to be quieter, and not say anything to do with babies, or pregnancies, or tests...but it's hard. Even when talking to random people, I feel like they will just know somehow?! It's weird, I know...but I'm still not ready to actually say anything to anyone.
We leave for Mexico this week...I'm super sad to leave the kids, but excited for such an awesome adventure with my hubby!

My guessed it...what other news is there?

Week 4...

I feel like saying week 1, because really this seems like week 1...I mean you don't even really know your prego for a week or two, and you don't really get sick this early at this point, I'm still in shock.
In SO much shock that I can't even appreciate the nice nurses little "congratulations" to me...because it just hasn't hit me yet.
I expect it to hit me right around the time I start puking all, I'm excited for that part! NOT!

So far, we haven't told fact it took me a day or so to tell my hubby. I decided to leave the pee-stick (what a lovely name, eh?) on the counter...well, the 2 sticks actually, because I didn't believe the first one.
I secretly started taking the video as he walks in and looks at them laying on the counter, "Babe, babe! What does 2 lines me? No, seriously, what does 2 lines mean" I'm laughing hysterically in the background, and then he makes me turn the video off, party pooper!
Things that the hubby's said so far:
-it's a girl
-he knows it's a girl because it's due in May, which is a girly-sounding month (apparently?!
-he is going to name her Rolling Thunder (surprise, surprise, he always says that)
-his nickname for this "baby girl" is gopher...after our last child's inter-utero nickname "jelly-gopha" that our first child came up with.
-he said last night "I actually think that at this point I would also prefer twins"...this is HUGE for's something I've always wanted, and he finally cam here's to hoping!
-I think it would be much easier just to tell Melissa so she stops asking you everyday! LOL...only Melissa will get this one:)

Things I've said/thought:
-DON'T say congratulations to me!!! I don't even believe I'm pregnant yet! ha ha..yup, that was a thought.
-oh, boy...what was I thinking! (also a thought)
-I wonder when the morning sickness will start? (yup, a thought to) maybe I haven't said anything yet, because I still don't believe it's true.

New things going n with my body...WARNING: TMI
-My abs are stretching!! is this supposed to happen so soon? I noticed it one day before I found out. Every day it feels like I've worked out like crazy, when really I've done nothing at all.
-Other parts are sore and stretching too...ya know.
-I've had one small spasm in my foot...oh the joys of leg cramps! I only get them when I'm maybe the 2 tests were right, and I really am pregnant? Yup...denial.
-I'm trying to keep on top of eating consistently to ward off the morning sickness for as long as I can..and so far I haven't felt too sick yet, hopefully that's a common occurence during this pregnancy.
I've gained 2 pounds since my last that could be from over-eating, or little "gopher".
-Diclectin is CRAZY expensive! Who knew?! Luckily, most of it was covered by my hubby's awesome benefits. I haven't taken any yet...I just want to bring it to mexico in case it's needed.
-and yes, I do hope for twins!! (fingers crossed)