Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 5

Well...I'm 5 weeks today!

This week:
 I've been noticing that I get hungry WAY more often....even if I eat something big, it only takes a couple of hours to get hungry again.
I wake up super early! At the first sign of any noise, and sometimes for no reason at all, I wake up. I have a really hard time getting back to's been impossible to thus far. I think I'm just becoming a lighter sleeper than I already was. There is always so much noise in the mornings too, because of all the people getting up and getting ready for school/work day, we won't have anyone living with us, I'm sure! ha ha
It'd starting to feel a little more real...but not quite yet..definitely not enough to start talking about it...but every once in a while I do talk to my hubby about a new symptom, or a weird thought that I have.
The last few weeks I've been a lot more weepy TV shows, sad things in life, or babies crying...whatever.
I feel like every time I talk to someone, somehow my news will just slip out! I've been trying to be quieter, and not say anything to do with babies, or pregnancies, or tests...but it's hard. Even when talking to random people, I feel like they will just know somehow?! It's weird, I know...but I'm still not ready to actually say anything to anyone.
We leave for Mexico this week...I'm super sad to leave the kids, but excited for such an awesome adventure with my hubby!

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