Thursday, January 3, 2013

My guessed it...what other news is there?

Week 4...

I feel like saying week 1, because really this seems like week 1...I mean you don't even really know your prego for a week or two, and you don't really get sick this early at this point, I'm still in shock.
In SO much shock that I can't even appreciate the nice nurses little "congratulations" to me...because it just hasn't hit me yet.
I expect it to hit me right around the time I start puking all, I'm excited for that part! NOT!

So far, we haven't told fact it took me a day or so to tell my hubby. I decided to leave the pee-stick (what a lovely name, eh?) on the counter...well, the 2 sticks actually, because I didn't believe the first one.
I secretly started taking the video as he walks in and looks at them laying on the counter, "Babe, babe! What does 2 lines me? No, seriously, what does 2 lines mean" I'm laughing hysterically in the background, and then he makes me turn the video off, party pooper!
Things that the hubby's said so far:
-it's a girl
-he knows it's a girl because it's due in May, which is a girly-sounding month (apparently?!
-he is going to name her Rolling Thunder (surprise, surprise, he always says that)
-his nickname for this "baby girl" is gopher...after our last child's inter-utero nickname "jelly-gopha" that our first child came up with.
-he said last night "I actually think that at this point I would also prefer twins"...this is HUGE for's something I've always wanted, and he finally cam here's to hoping!
-I think it would be much easier just to tell Melissa so she stops asking you everyday! LOL...only Melissa will get this one:)

Things I've said/thought:
-DON'T say congratulations to me!!! I don't even believe I'm pregnant yet! ha ha..yup, that was a thought.
-oh, boy...what was I thinking! (also a thought)
-I wonder when the morning sickness will start? (yup, a thought to) maybe I haven't said anything yet, because I still don't believe it's true.

New things going n with my body...WARNING: TMI
-My abs are stretching!! is this supposed to happen so soon? I noticed it one day before I found out. Every day it feels like I've worked out like crazy, when really I've done nothing at all.
-Other parts are sore and stretching too...ya know.
-I've had one small spasm in my foot...oh the joys of leg cramps! I only get them when I'm maybe the 2 tests were right, and I really am pregnant? Yup...denial.
-I'm trying to keep on top of eating consistently to ward off the morning sickness for as long as I can..and so far I haven't felt too sick yet, hopefully that's a common occurence during this pregnancy.
I've gained 2 pounds since my last that could be from over-eating, or little "gopher".
-Diclectin is CRAZY expensive! Who knew?! Luckily, most of it was covered by my hubby's awesome benefits. I haven't taken any yet...I just want to bring it to mexico in case it's needed.
-and yes, I do hope for twins!! (fingers crossed)

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