Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 11 is week 12?! dates may be a little off. I've never been super accurate when keeping track, and who knows when I actually definitely isn't exact every month.
SO...I have this awesome friend who also happens to be an ultrasound tech, and she did a quick little ultrasound for me.
There is only 1 baby...sad, but true...maybe next time?!
It was crazy how cute and sweet the baby already looked. It was flipping around and kicking and moving it's sweet. I loved watching the just makes everything so much more real.
According to mu ultrasound I'm a week farther ahead. This would move my due date from May 29th to May 22nd...yippee!!
We all know that babies never come when we expect who knows...but I'll take an extra week of counting down:)
In other news...I parked in "Expectant Mother" parking at Toys-r-us...I only felt slightly bad, since how most people probably can't tell that I'm actually pregnant yet...but the closest spot was like WAY away from the whatever, ha ha.
I started feeling way better the last few days...I'm hoping this means I'm nearing the end of feeling yucky...that would be awesome! It would also go better with my "new" due I usually do start to feel better around week 12...hopefully it lasts!!

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