Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sept-October Homeschool fun...

Here are a few of the awesome things that we'be been up to in our homeschool the last couple of months:

Our Homeschool Calendar

Our Clock and weather 

Scripture Study time

One of our fave books...Science Rocks....with great home-based experiements. We've learned about matter and weights, rocks and minerals, done color mixing, made little volcano explosions and grown home-made crystals.

Some more textbooks, one with all 4 subjects, and a reading book that we love. We do a reading lesson each day, and use the other book to supplement our lessons.

New homeschool cabinets, filled with our books, worksheets and crafts

Here are some of the worksheets we worked on: 


A few shots from our first day:

Some fun exercise activities we've done:


Track and Field: 

Outdoor Recess time....although with the cold weather now, we are doing a lot more inside, and less outside....can't wait for summer:)

Lots of Yoga!! :)

And more yoga
And more fun: 

Absorption experiment the first week

Collecting bugs 

Drawing bugs

Painting flowers

Some other fun things we've been up to are: 
-Diving club
-Swiming lessons for Roo
-Swimming at the U of L
-Swimming with the kids at the pool
- Futsall (indoor soccer)
-Clay Handbuilding (so fun! at the new CASA building)
-finding new cool ipad apps
-spending a lot of time at the library