Thursday, April 26, 2012


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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I heart my funny boys...

Funnies from the kids this weekend...

Roo woke up last night crying, hubby went in to see what was wrong.
Roo: "the ghost of the Easter bunny poked me in the eye! That sneaky bunny poked me."

A: "why are they called chicken fingers when chickens don't even have fingers?"(where did he even get that from? I have nooooo.... idea)
the hubby:" that's a really good question, but probably one of those questions only mom can answer"(typical husband answer to anything and everything, lol)
Me:"um, (thinking really hard)....because you eat them with your fingers?"
Ar:"oh! Okay!"
Roo: "That doesn't even make any sense." (typical roo answer because he thinks he's hilarious!

Yup, a typical convo at our house:)

Whilst reading the scriptures....

I say a word or short phrase and then the boys repeat it, because they like to read themselves.

A always does this really well, and loves to read. Roo looks all serious like he's going to do a great job and says..."And it came to pizza...", " cream" and so on...just adding random words to the end of the phrases.

After church today....

Me: "What did you learn at nursery today roo?"

Roo: "I learned to play with toys, read books and eat snacks."

ha ha...great, life skills. awesome. :)

Love my boys!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the hubby's new job...

Most of you know by now that my hubby got a fantastic new job...and is into his third week thus far, so I thought I'd give you a little update on it!

He started April 2nd and for the first few days he just had to read pages and pages of policy....boring. 

After that he learned how to be a teller, and in a week or so he'll be switching to lending, then loans etc...he should be finished all his training in about 15 months!! Yay!

This job really is great, great benefits, great hours, great vacation time, great people, good pay(will be great! ha ha) and only about a 10 minute drive from our place. 

On most days he gets off at 4:30, which is so nice...and he gets an hour long lunch break, so we even get to see him every once in a while over lunch. 

He just got back from his very first business trip...exciting!! He loved it, he got an awesome hotel room, great food and he got to fly! I'm a little but jealous.
I stayed home cleaning up puke and tears...awesome:) At least my colleagues are WAY cuter than his;)

We're pretty stoked about it's been really easy to get used to, because his hours are so nice, and the kids haven't been too weepy about it. 

It's a really great place, and he could stay with them for the rest of his career if he's that great.

The only issue I have is that we could get a house in the near future, I spend WAY too much time on ... looking mostly at mansions. 

Okay, I may be a touch ahead of myself for our first house, ha ha...I wish:)

Thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement over these last 2 years of crazy job-ness...they are MUCH appreciated:)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

just so you know...

....I DO take pictures...ha ha. 
I know I'm horrible at posting pictures to my blog, I find it way easier on facebook, but I'm trying harder!!

I should have put some cute baby pictures in my last post about adoption, just to give you the warm fuzzies:) The first link to adoption on that post really is awesome, if you're going to read one thing about adoption, read that one thing. 

Anywho...if you want to see some cu-ute pics of my sweet little angels hanging out with their adorable cousins on Easter (well 2nd cousins, but whatevs), check out THIS post....sweet janelle was nice enough to take pictures for us!! I especially LOVE the family photos of us, we are rarely all smiling at once (like now, as I type roo is screaming from his room, so ya know, we can't ALL be happy at once...I was actually beginning to wonder if it was even possible:)

Here are some April goodies....enjoy!!

Our awesome Easter breakfast on daddy's day-off

Another shot of it, because it was just sooo.... yummy!!

I've been trying to experiment with super yummy foods lately, like this awesome veggie ke-bob

This was before we barbecued it, it was fantastic!!

Another new one, Caprese Pizza with balsamic glaze

Close-up, it was SO good...lightly oiled with basil and olive oil

It's fuzzy, I know, but aren't they sweet?

This might just be my fave picture cute:)

We went out to run errands with the kids today, and they wrangled us into going to the BEST pet store EVER....Holmes is awesome, so awesome they even have a sloth!!

I decided to attempt cutting both boys hair worked out pretty well for my first real try. I didn't even know how put the blade-y thingy on the clippers, or turn them on....
good times:)

The studly Roo showing off his new doo...the hubby kinda messed  up his bangs whilst trying to help...but it's still pretty good.

Friday, April 13, 2012

I "heart" adoption...

I LOVE Friday's....I always have... its the start of a weekend, the night before garage sales, date night night AND you get to sleep in the next day. awesome.

Friday's are the bomb. 

13 is my fave number, as is my hubby's...we're twinsies that way...I thought it was fate when I met him at age 14 and realized that his fave number/sports number was always 13....I knew it was meant to be(so I stalked him for a few years until he finally caved and dated me, he he). :)

Thus Friday the 13th is just a great day overall. 

Today also marks exactly one year since our adoption application was! It's already been a year, 

I thought that because of this special day I'd post some awesome adoption sites/blogs about adoption that I love reading:

-this is just one post, but  LOVED's written by a birthmama...and it's so great, it's called ENOUGH.
-another fantastic blog that I've read a lot of posts from is THIS one.
-a great adoption website with awesome videos too is:

I <3 adoption:) 

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

I heart Easter...

I <3 Easter....sooooo... much!!

Want to know why??

Watch this awesome video:

Our Easter:

At the beginning of last week I was thinking about Easter weekend, and the fact that we had NO plans at all....boring. I did think it would end up being a nice, relaxing weekend though, which I was looking forward too. 

It didn't turn out like that at all! We were busy the entire weekend thanks to great family and friends. 

We started talking up Easter on Monday during FHE. It was then that we decided we'd try and do some sort of easter craft or story every day that week. 

We had the missionaries over for Easter dinner on Tuesday (my 1st ever ham turned out awesome!), they left us with a great little Easter message.

The rest of the week was filled with TONS of other Easter-y stuff:
-gluing scrapbook paper on plastic eggs, after filling them with noise-makers (almonds, cheerios, marbles and popcorn kernels, the pictures above are of this craft)
-painting Easter eggs after draining them
-painting egg crates
-going on an egg hunt that the Easter bunny set up
-dying Easter eggs and going on an Easter hunt with some friends
-having a second Easter dinner with turkey (and leftover turkey sandwiches....yum!!)

Our weekend was pretty crazy in between visiting this awesome place...

Participating in this...

aaannnnd.... eating a whole LOT of this:

(I'd like to take credit for that turkey awesome-ness....but I forgot to take a picture of mine, so you can thank google for that one:)

I'll leave you with a daily funny:
me: roo, would Jesus want us to share? or to keep our toys for ourselves?
roo: he'd want us to share
me: do you want to be like Jesus? (I'd like to point out here that he usually says yes, lol)
roo: um, no! I want to try and be like spiderman!!
me: well, I think that spiderman would want to share too. (?)


Monday, April 2, 2012

Funnies from the kids...

So, we're watching a sweet little girl today, and the boys just love her....they've been getting along great all day! And talking about funny stuff, of course...
Like when my nieces were over and dressing up as princesses and I heard one wailing at the top of her lungs. When I asked her if she was okay, she responded "of course! I'm just playing princess!" ...damsel in distress maybe? He he
I overheard little talie and roo talking to each other about what their daddies do for work, so I thought I'd ask each of them:

Talie- my dad works with nick. He just works with nick.
Me-but what does he do?
Talie-he washes cars for us. (he's a funeral director, lol)

Roo-my daddy works both jobs. Missionary stuff and with mud, both jobs. (which is funny because he works with the missionaries at church, and used to work concrete).

Me-does he work another job?

Roo-he works another job called megaminds. It's a movie from work at probe. (okay roo, I think you should stick to your first answer, it made the most sense)

Ashur-uh, I forget. Like, I know it, and I'm trying to remember, but I forget. Only at a bank.

Ding! Ding!Ding! We have a winner....

Ha ha, funny kids:)