Monday, April 9, 2012

I heart Easter...

I <3 Easter....sooooo... much!!

Want to know why??

Watch this awesome video:

Our Easter:

At the beginning of last week I was thinking about Easter weekend, and the fact that we had NO plans at all....boring. I did think it would end up being a nice, relaxing weekend though, which I was looking forward too. 

It didn't turn out like that at all! We were busy the entire weekend thanks to great family and friends. 

We started talking up Easter on Monday during FHE. It was then that we decided we'd try and do some sort of easter craft or story every day that week. 

We had the missionaries over for Easter dinner on Tuesday (my 1st ever ham turned out awesome!), they left us with a great little Easter message.

The rest of the week was filled with TONS of other Easter-y stuff:
-gluing scrapbook paper on plastic eggs, after filling them with noise-makers (almonds, cheerios, marbles and popcorn kernels, the pictures above are of this craft)
-painting Easter eggs after draining them
-painting egg crates
-going on an egg hunt that the Easter bunny set up
-dying Easter eggs and going on an Easter hunt with some friends
-having a second Easter dinner with turkey (and leftover turkey sandwiches....yum!!)

Our weekend was pretty crazy in between visiting this awesome place...

Participating in this...

aaannnnd.... eating a whole LOT of this:

(I'd like to take credit for that turkey awesome-ness....but I forgot to take a picture of mine, so you can thank google for that one:)

I'll leave you with a daily funny:
me: roo, would Jesus want us to share? or to keep our toys for ourselves?
roo: he'd want us to share
me: do you want to be like Jesus? (I'd like to point out here that he usually says yes, lol)
roo: um, no! I want to try and be like spiderman!!
me: well, I think that spiderman would want to share too. (?)


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  1. That's SO VERY FUNNY!! Dad says you should write a book- so funny!!
    you have GREAT KIDS!!