Monday, April 2, 2012

Funnies from the kids...

So, we're watching a sweet little girl today, and the boys just love her....they've been getting along great all day! And talking about funny stuff, of course...
Like when my nieces were over and dressing up as princesses and I heard one wailing at the top of her lungs. When I asked her if she was okay, she responded "of course! I'm just playing princess!" ...damsel in distress maybe? He he
I overheard little talie and roo talking to each other about what their daddies do for work, so I thought I'd ask each of them:

Talie- my dad works with nick. He just works with nick.
Me-but what does he do?
Talie-he washes cars for us. (he's a funeral director, lol)

Roo-my daddy works both jobs. Missionary stuff and with mud, both jobs. (which is funny because he works with the missionaries at church, and used to work concrete).

Me-does he work another job?

Roo-he works another job called megaminds. It's a movie from work at probe. (okay roo, I think you should stick to your first answer, it made the most sense)

Ashur-uh, I forget. Like, I know it, and I'm trying to remember, but I forget. Only at a bank.

Ding! Ding!Ding! We have a winner....

Ha ha, funny kids:)

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