Saturday, April 14, 2012

just so you know...

....I DO take pictures...ha ha. 
I know I'm horrible at posting pictures to my blog, I find it way easier on facebook, but I'm trying harder!!

I should have put some cute baby pictures in my last post about adoption, just to give you the warm fuzzies:) The first link to adoption on that post really is awesome, if you're going to read one thing about adoption, read that one thing. 

Anywho...if you want to see some cu-ute pics of my sweet little angels hanging out with their adorable cousins on Easter (well 2nd cousins, but whatevs), check out THIS post....sweet janelle was nice enough to take pictures for us!! I especially LOVE the family photos of us, we are rarely all smiling at once (like now, as I type roo is screaming from his room, so ya know, we can't ALL be happy at once...I was actually beginning to wonder if it was even possible:)

Here are some April goodies....enjoy!!

Our awesome Easter breakfast on daddy's day-off

Another shot of it, because it was just sooo.... yummy!!

I've been trying to experiment with super yummy foods lately, like this awesome veggie ke-bob

This was before we barbecued it, it was fantastic!!

Another new one, Caprese Pizza with balsamic glaze

Close-up, it was SO good...lightly oiled with basil and olive oil

It's fuzzy, I know, but aren't they sweet?

This might just be my fave picture cute:)

We went out to run errands with the kids today, and they wrangled us into going to the BEST pet store EVER....Holmes is awesome, so awesome they even have a sloth!!

I decided to attempt cutting both boys hair worked out pretty well for my first real try. I didn't even know how put the blade-y thingy on the clippers, or turn them on....
good times:)

The studly Roo showing off his new doo...the hubby kinda messed  up his bangs whilst trying to help...but it's still pretty good.


  1. You DO take pictures! Haha, they look great! Thanks again for celebrating with us!

    1. Yup! Just for you, ha ha. Thanks for inviting us, we had a blast!