Friday, April 13, 2012

I "heart" adoption...

I LOVE Friday's....I always have... its the start of a weekend, the night before garage sales, date night night AND you get to sleep in the next day. awesome.

Friday's are the bomb. 

13 is my fave number, as is my hubby's...we're twinsies that way...I thought it was fate when I met him at age 14 and realized that his fave number/sports number was always 13....I knew it was meant to be(so I stalked him for a few years until he finally caved and dated me, he he). :)

Thus Friday the 13th is just a great day overall. 

Today also marks exactly one year since our adoption application was! It's already been a year, 

I thought that because of this special day I'd post some awesome adoption sites/blogs about adoption that I love reading:

-this is just one post, but  LOVED's written by a birthmama...and it's so great, it's called ENOUGH.
-another fantastic blog that I've read a lot of posts from is THIS one.
-a great adoption website with awesome videos too is:

I <3 adoption:) 

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!! :)

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