Sunday, April 22, 2012

I heart my funny boys...

Funnies from the kids this weekend...

Roo woke up last night crying, hubby went in to see what was wrong.
Roo: "the ghost of the Easter bunny poked me in the eye! That sneaky bunny poked me."

A: "why are they called chicken fingers when chickens don't even have fingers?"(where did he even get that from? I have nooooo.... idea)
the hubby:" that's a really good question, but probably one of those questions only mom can answer"(typical husband answer to anything and everything, lol)
Me:"um, (thinking really hard)....because you eat them with your fingers?"
Ar:"oh! Okay!"
Roo: "That doesn't even make any sense." (typical roo answer because he thinks he's hilarious!

Yup, a typical convo at our house:)

Whilst reading the scriptures....

I say a word or short phrase and then the boys repeat it, because they like to read themselves.

A always does this really well, and loves to read. Roo looks all serious like he's going to do a great job and says..."And it came to pizza...", " cream" and so on...just adding random words to the end of the phrases.

After church today....

Me: "What did you learn at nursery today roo?"

Roo: "I learned to play with toys, read books and eat snacks."

ha ha...great, life skills. awesome. :)

Love my boys!!

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  1. Your boys totally crack me up! I love love LOVE hearing about their silliness. Hope things keep going alright with a crazy house full of children (or a house full of crazy children). LOVE YOU!