Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween with "a-vengeance"

SO....I <3 Halloween...seriously. 

I think for months and months about crazy awesome costume ideas...I think I had this one down by like July or August?

The hubby and I have a serious LOVE for anything and everything superhero...action movies are our FAVE!!

Thus, when "The Avengers" came out...we LOVED it!! I tried convincing everyone to go in costume to opening night...but it, this year on Halloween we decided to go as the crew of the Avengers!!

Every year, our family does a theme for Halloween...last year we were ninjas, the year before we were The this was perfect! 

I love how it turned out! We convinced my little sister, who is currently living with us, to be Thor (she had the perfect color and length of hair). 

Last minute, one of our awesome friends called and said she'd be Hulk...and boy did she look sweet!!

Here's the crew...

I'm not sure what's going on with my goofy face here...I shoulda looked more stealth...but anyways...pretty awesome:)

Totally worth how much candy we snagged too! We started at 2, went to some malls, and then 1 trunk-or-treat, and then trick-or-treating for almost 3 hours after that. 

I'm excited to see how much candy we raked in. We sell it to the dentist every year for troops overseas. The kids get to write a little card and everything. Then we head to the toy-store and they get a toy instead of all that candy!! 

It's a great tradition. 

Happy Halloween everyone!! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mexico, baby!!

The hubby and I found a great deal online for an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. We decided this would be a perfect time to go. We didn't have a little baby or small kids that we'd have to bring with us, we had babysitters at our house (our awesome in-laws) that could watch the kids, and we had a week left of vacation time to use was perfect timing of us really.
We've never been to an all-inclusive resort before, so I was super excited.
What made it even more awesome is that several of our close friends decided to come also, 12 of us in total booked it.

Here's our week in detail:

Day 1-

Check the weather, it's supposed to rain all week...NOOO!! We drive to the airport in plenty of time to check-in, eat and visit with all our friends. Board the plane....looooong....plane ride, ha ha, I'm a wimp, I know.
Arrive to pouring rain!! Like, really pouring. Manage to find our way to our travel rep, and board a bus to the resort. It's raining so much that the bus is leaking all over our heads.
Unpack, room is awesome!! Resort is awesome!! Eat Mexican food with really yummy green soup. Go for a late evening swim in the ridiculously warm ocean. First day= fabulous.

Day 2-
Wake up and attempt to go for breakfast, but are stopped by the timeshare people. Decide to go on timeshare tour, that includes breakfast. Takes WAY longer than they say, like usual...sales rep is usual...we don't buy usual. Get $56 off of a tour we really wanted to go on. Book the rest of our tours for the week.
Spend the afternoon swimming, eating and hanging out. In LOVE with the awesome warm water. Figure out the address to the church in the morning.

Day 3- 
Somehow subconsciously convince another couple to come with us to church. Get a taxi driver named Nacho who knows exactly where the church is. Drive the crazy roads through major puddles (more like rivers) and crazy potholes...somehow make it to church in one piece.
Don't understand anything being said at church, that has already started. Realize that we got the wrong time, when what we think is the opening prayer, is in fact, the closing one. Stay for Sunday school, understand a bit, enough to know what the topic is at least. Meet lots of cool people. Takes pictures with the giant Book of Mormon and admire the sweet outdoor basketball court.
Back at the resort, we have a sand sculpting contest. We lose...but our sculpture is still super awesome, a sea turtle. My fave was the loveseat, but only because it made for such awesome photos!
Swim some more, really learn to boogie board. Eat more food (the hubby thought all the food was good, I disliked almost everything I ate).
We walk around late at night randomly looking for somewhere to dance, but never find anything.

Day 4-
Go on a "canopy tour", which is a whole bunch of zip-lines(15 in total). The bus ride there is long, but really neat...we drive through some cool mountains. Start zip-lining, and scream at the first 3 we go on. After #4 I'm practically enjoying myself, and by #8 or so I'm going upside down and spinning. Awesome views!! I almost die with all the walking and the crazy heat/humidity, but somehow I survive.
We finish the tour and buy the video. We feed monkeys, super cool! We eat. We swim down some rock water-slides into the crazy river. The river is super strong, and I almost get swept away.
We head back home and stop at a big flea market on the way. It's much hotter downtown than it was in the jungle. We shop for a while and see some cool street preforming-type people. We eat yummy ice cream. Someone notices were Mormon, weird? This happens almost every day we're in Mexico.
We head home.
Karaoke night, I think? I'm getting my days confused.

Day 5- 
We hung out at the resort tanning, eating and swimming. We didn't too much during the day today. Our big tour today is Rhythms of the night. Its fantastic!! Like something off of a awesome. The food was pretty good too, but still not a huge fan of anything we are eating. After the show, we eat an awesome candle-lit dinner and are serenaded by some amazing singer/drummer/guitarists. After dinner we peruse the torch-lit island and find some hammocks, a beautiful beach and really pretty views.
We walk home from the tour, once back in PV, and are almost eaten by crocodiles, spiders, rabid dogs...and zombies? Who knows, it was a crazy night.

Day 6-
We wake up bright and early to take a little water-taxi to Vallarta Adventures. Due to a pool closure, we all got $50 vouchers towards a tour, and so we all decided to go on the Marietas Islands tour. It was super beuatiful! We are all a little disappointed because the tide was too high for us to go to Hidden Island, like we had hoped for. The snorkeling was okay, but not nearly as great as some other places we have been to.
The worst part about today is getting sick!! A combination of sea-sickness and heat-stroke leads to me getting seriously sick for 2 fun! But the beach that we went to was beautiful  and we got some great shots. 
I'm super bummed to miss all the dancing that everyone else is doing downstairs...apparently even my hubby brakes it down on the dance floor! Too bad I'm sick in my room attempting to watch TV...sad night.

Day 7-
I was sick all day!! I couldn't hardly leave the hotel room, and when I do, I can't eat. I just lay in the room or in the shade the whole day. Luckily, I'm able to start feeling better by the evening and get to join this SUPER fun night called "Miss Occidental". They pick 4 ladies to compete, and through a series of really silly, slightly embarrassing and ridiculous tasks...I eventually win the title of Miss Occidental...and a free!

Day 8-I am pretty ready to see my kids by today!! And way more than ready to eat some good old Canadian food. We spend the day hanging out by the pool and beach, taking pictures and having fun. The funnest part of today is the pool volleyball game we got going...SO much fun, which is surprising because I suck SO bad....seriously, ask my friends:)
We take some more cool pics, and are off on our way home! The long flight is made longer by the fact that my flying-home novel isn't nearly as good as my flying-there novel. Also, the TV's are down completely....not cool. 
We make a pit-stop at Peter's and run into my weird?! They are going through the drive-thru as we are at the drive-in....such a nice surprise!

After a long drive home, in which I manage to stay awake...we are finally home to our kiddos! It was all I could do not to wake them up....I missed them SO much!!

And that's our week in a nutshell! SO super fantastic! We both love the sun and the beach. In fact, the hubby stated tonight that we should save up money to move to Hawaii, sell mini-donuts at the swap meet and buy a laundro-mat and start a jet-lev that's the life! :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts on Conference

If you don't know what conference is, go here:, where you can listen, read and watch the General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We watched it live this weekend, but you can watch it after also. 
I loved that we got to stay home all weekend listening, and hanging out with the boys, who've we've really missed being gone this last week. 
I also love that it coincides with Thanksgiving weekend, and is reminds us how much we truly have to be thankful for. I mean, what's more awesome than the Gospel. 
Every 6 months we get this opportunity to listen to our modern-day Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and his apostles. It is always a great weekend:)
We made candy buckets, so the kids would pay always works like a charm. They listen for the corresponding word, and get a candy each time they hear it. They sat through almost 3 whole sessions, that's 6 hours!! I was pretty impressed. 

Here's some pictures of the weekend:

Some things I loved this weekend:
-Be a true Disciple of Christ. It always amazes me that conference talks flow so smoothly into each other...considering that every speaker chooses their own talk, not knowing what anyone else is speaking on. The underlying theme of this one seemed to be this, Be a Disciple. I loved the story of Peter that was told and re-told, "Feed my sheep. Feed my lambs." This is something that we can definitely work on as a family, and I've thought about a lot lately. Maybe we'll make it our family goal.
-Share the Gospel with all. I loved the changes they made to missionary ages, this will make a huge difference to missionary work, and is SO exciting! As my hubby is currently working with all the Ward missionaries, and Elders in our ward, missionary work has been on our minds a lot lately and we've been really striving for more missionary experiences in our lives. 
-Family History work is not just a suggestion, but a commandment and is an essential part of temple work. I've never heard it been talked about like that. I've never felt like I was missing out on a commandment. As was explained, family history work and Temple work go hand-in-hand, and we need to be doing both. Merely attending the temple, though essential, is simply not enough.
Wowza, I need to start working on that one!
-Become truly converted to the Lord through studying the scriptures and gospel truths, and don't seek truth through others accounts of what truth is. I really felt that this was an underlying theme also. Many people spoke about finding truth through becoming clean, seeking real truth  and strengthening your testimony. In the wake of so many people falling away from the church, this was really needed, and I hope that many people heed the call to come back. 
-Truly teach the Gospel in the home through uplifting media and gospel centered conversations. Many people spoke about how simply teaching the gospel on Sunday is not enough. This also goes along with uplifting media in the home, and not letting bad influences into our home in any way. This really hit home as well, as I know I can do a better job at this, and need to be careful about what kind of media I'm watching or being a part of, not just the kids, as it all affects the Spirit of our home.
-Avoid negative entertainment, media and websites. 
-Find joy in the journey, don't wait until the end of something good to start enjoying it. I loved this!! I find myself over-busy way too often...and just hoping for the week, month or even year to just be over! We wouldn't go to a carnival, and not enjoy any part of the night, pining for the end of it...we'd enjoy it! I need to enjoy things more, especially when it comes to my own children and family.
-Serve others. Don't be too busy to miss the promptings of the Spirit to serve. I always enjoy Pres. Monson's talks. One of the things I enjoy most though is hearing about the numerous occasions that he felt a prompting to serve someone, and heeded it...almost on a daily basis. He just drops whatever he's doing and obeys the prompting to serve, no matter how much it will disturb his own day. I need to be much more self-less, and not worry so much about my own to-do list, but worry about what I can do that day to serve others. 
-You can't rely on others testimonies, you have to consistently work on strengthening our own. I loved when Pres. Bednar spoke of the parable of the Ten Virgins. Maybe the 5 wise virgins couldn't give their oil to the others because it's not something that can simply be given, it's something that each person gains on their own, line upon line, precept upon precept. 

LOVED it all:) The weekend, my family, the beautiful and uplifting words...what a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

My kids are crazy...

I forgot that one of the reasons that I used to LOVE writing in this blog was to document all of the awesome things my kids say...because, let's face it, their crazy! 

So here are a few from the last week or so:

I forgot that it was brown day at school, and this is the first thing A said to me when I went to pick him up:" was BROWN day, you forgot! I was the ONLY kid in the WHOLE school that wasn't wearing brown!"...ha ha, I'm sure. 
I took Roo to spanish this morning, and he was really sleepy, just cuddling me and not paying attention at all. He gave me a HUGE hug and said, "I love you to the TOP of the moon!" precious:)
Roo constantly walks around saying, "protect the world from evil!!"
A told me all about his scary dream last consisted of him trying to fix our van. While he was trying to fix the van, he was standing outside of it and the windows started going up and down, and the seats started going up and down...apparently that was just the scariest thing ever! 
Roo was downstairs and calling up to A, "Big brother! Big brother!"...and then he told me..."My big brother is up there, and I'm my big brother A's little brother Roo, did you know that?" ha ha...nope, didn't know that one;)
Last but not least...this came from his primary class yesterday...
Question: Have you ever had to be brave when you chose the right?
A's answer: There was never a time I had to be brave. It's always been easy to choose the right because I just always say a prayer to Jesus. 

I have the greatest, I love 'em:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

THE first day of school...

I may have shed a few tears today...maybe more than a few. 

All I know is that at the end of the day I am so grateful for wonderful loving friends, crafty distractions and my sweet little A and how well he knows his mamma. 

He has been SO excited for this day...counting them down really, hoping that one day the seemingly mythical first-day-of-school would actually come, and he would become a BIG kid. That day was today.

I've been dreading the day, knowing it would come, and wishing the days to slow down...all summer long. How can it already be that day? Wasn't it just yesterday that he was a precious little sleeping(well, not-so-sleeping) baby? 

Our kindergarten does "staggered entry" where only a few kids go to school a day, and then come back again a few days later with the whole class. It's supposed to be less overwhelming for them...I think it's really meant for the parents. 

Staggered only a few kids and their parents see me at the drop--off, teary-eyed and that I don't get overwhelmed by the masses of that I have a few more days left with my sweet little A before he is gone all the time...

Today was sweet. Full of beautiful tender mercies.

He woke up early, and was right ready to go, well before he needed to be. Tugging on my shirt, incessantly asking when we could go, bounding out the door as fast as he could and running into his classroom...I could barely keep up with him. 

He looked so sophisticated in his cute new back-to-school outfit that I had carefully planned. I asked him shoes he wanted to wear with it, and he let me pick out everything, right down to his socks and belt...he knows me so well:) He knew I would love that, and he was so unusually compliant with the whole dressing ordeal. 

I walked into the school, realizing I had no idea where to go, but first tender mercy of the day was that a friend from church was there...her son in the same class as mine, one of the few kids going today...I followed her, trying to keep calm, and fight back the tears that had been on the verge all morning long. 

We turned into the hallway, and the second tender mercy the form of a great friend waiting beside the classroom door...knowing that I would need support. As soon as I saw her, I teared up again. 

Third tender mercy of the day...I asked little A if he wanted me to stay for a while. His response, "Only if you need to" does this boy know me so well? Know how much I yearned to stay all day, every day? Know how much I would miss him? He is so precious. 

Fourth tender mercy of the day...being distracted by Roo starting joy-school, forgotten school supplies, quick morning crafts...and a great little cry with a friend on the sidewalk...who was feeling all the same emotions as I. 
She asked..."does it ever get any easier?"...I knew exactly what she I kept thinking about what she'd said earlier.."when will leaving this boy ever not tear my heart up?"...and we both had a good cry. I love that my friends are just as sappy as I am:)

As I picked him up, he told me about his craft, the "kissing hand". Someone kisses you right on the middle of your palm and then you put it to your cheek. It makes you feel nice and warm inside, and helps you not be scared. 

I think I may have to use that kissing hand a few times this year. 

Final tender we are filling out his "homework" for the night, a sheet with questions all about his first day...what he was wearing, what he ate, what they did...he filled out:
"When kindergarten was over I felt good inside...because my mommy came to pick me up":)

So I made it through the day...driving the kids crazy with pictures...fighting back tears...and realizing just how much I love that kid. 

I made a human...impossible as it may seem...a living, breathing little boy with so much potential...a sweet child of God that is already growing up to be an amazing, compassionate young man. 

What a day...
The boys all ready for the first day!!

This is what he does when I ask for a happy-to-be-going-to-school smile:)

His new kindergarten classroom

We made it!!

The End of my shampoo-less hair (with before and after pics)'s over. 

I had been feeling for a while that I should just go back to shampoo-ing, as I was not getting the results I had hoped for. 

I was waiting to do this until I got a nice salon-style healthy shampoo, and not just a junky over-the-counter like I used to use. I figured my hair had probably gotten pretty healthy over the last little while, and I'd like to keep it that way. 

I have a friend who owns a salon and she was dying to wash my hair, ha probably grossed her out seeing it every other other day! Lucky for me, I got the full treatment...scalp massage included:)
She had to rinse it out for a long time and shampoo it three times! It was pretty full of oil. 

It did look super healthy though, which has never happened with my hair, so I do think that it really helped in that regard. 

It just didn't help make it drastically less oily. Better than before though, it doesn't starting getting oily for a couple of days after a shampoo, when it used to be oily daily. 

So YES, I'm glad I did it. 

And here's some pictures throughout the process...

 A week or so in...before the baking soda rinse...

Right after the baking soda rinse...way cleaner, but not as soft...

Several weeks in...pre-wash

Directly post-wash...
(still baking soda)

Right before the BIG wash...really healthy, but not as soft and natural as I wanted...

Finally...11 or 12 weeks after starting this whole thing...washed and styled...and healthy!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

9 1/2 weeks and (NOT) going strong:( shampoo-less hair

Just in case you are new to this, and haven't read my previous posts on going shampoo-less....YES I do wash my hair, so it's not as crazy as it sounds. 

My Hair Today...

But NO, I do NOT use shampoo or conditioner. 
Once a week or so I rinse with a combination of baking soda and water, then do an apple cider vinegar rinse(ACV) for my ends, which is supposed to condition. 

Another shot of today, after the rinse...

I thought that the summer would be the best time to have "ugly" hair, since how I can get away with some sort of an up-do everyday, and my tanned skin makes my face look nicer, thus taking away from the fact that I have ugly hair, LOL. 
Well, so far, I'm just not sold. 
I'm sold on the fact that it can is told by a variety of blogs that I researched before starting this on my own. I'm just not convinced that it will EVER work for mine. 
My hair is still really oily, for sure by day 4 after the baking soda rinse. I would have expected better results than that by week 5. 
My hair is also dry, brittle, gross...just not like it's normal self, that's for sure. 
So....I researched what you can do to fix it. Less baking soda for dry ends, less ACV and only on the ends for more oily parts. 
I implemented this new regimen a week or so ago, but am still not impressed. 
Thus, I think I'm going to quit(I think?, lol)!! 
I feel bad saying that, since I've given it such a good long try thus far. I REALLY wanted it to work, and hoped that my hair would get more healthy, more natural and WAY less oily...but either I'm doing it wrong, or my hair is just way to oily to be helped. 
I am however going to look into this link a friend gave me on some awesome natural shampoo that's coconut-oil based, or some sulphate-free we'll see how that goes!
As for now, I'm excited at the prospect of getting my hair back to "normal".

Our family vacation...

We just got home from one awesome vacation!! It was actually a multi-family vacation, with some of The Hubby's friends from's their 10-year reunion this year, so it was great timing!!
We had SO much fun, I just wish we had taken more pictures, but we forgot our camera, so they are all from the ipad.
We went down to Columbia Falls and stayed at Meadow Lake golf resort. The golf course there is rated a 4 1/2 stars, and the hubby LOVED golfing there with his buddies...they golfed pretty much every day we were there. He even hit a 380 on the fairway!! (I'm told that is very far, ha ha, I really don't know the first thing about golf).
One of the many highlights was that A got to go golfing with the big boys on Friday night. He got his own set of clubs, and even drove the golf-cart. I wish I would have gotten pictures of that!!
We went to an indoor fun center and arcade, to an outdoor fun center with a maze, bumper boats, mini-golf and go-karts.
We went swimming almost every day in the outdoor pool and splash park there, which the boys absolutely loved.
We all went for the day to Flathead lake at a day lodge, which was a blast. They had BBQ's, fire-pits, kayaks, picnic tables, fireplaces indoors, a kitchen...everything pretty much, it was awesome! the lake was a little too cold for me, but it didn't stop the boys from having a good swim.
We went shopping, of course, which was great...I got some SUPER cute clothes, because everything is cuter and cheaper in Montana, ha ha.
My favorite part was the great weather and beautiful surroundings. It was close to 40 degrees everyday, and SO sunny and nice...I loved it.
The only downside was the lack of AC in our room at night, and a couple of sleepless boys...but not every night was that bad, and a lot of the days they would sleep in too, which was fantastic.
Overall, we LOVED our vacation, and loved that it was SO close of a drive, and that we got to hang out with our great friends!! Thanks guys!! We'll have to plan one again soon:)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"When Good Plans Don't Work Out"...

Looking at the title of this post, you may think that it would be on my leather couch fail...or my shampoo-less hair, not that it's failed yet...but NOPE, this is about real, nitty-gritty, painful-happy LIFE.

I have a great friend, who happens to live super close and have boys the same age as mine that adore spending time with each other(in fact I'm listening to them play/fight as I write)...we also spend a LOT of time together talking about plans, failed plans, new plans...ya know. 

She has been going through something, a happy, yet nerve-racking, something that is finally turning out well for her...and it got us talking about the Lord's timing, his all-knowing and perfect timing when it comes to our lives. 

Although what I'm going through is a totally different situation from hers, it is the same. We have been planning, hoping, praying, listening to inspiration...and following. 

BUT....what happens when "Good plans don't work out"? Or in my situation, GREAT plans:)

My friend had directed me to this great article in this months Ensign, with that title. 

It was SO perfect for me, exactly what I needed to hear. 

It follows the experiences of 4 different people and what they went through after having received an answer to pray, and then the end-goal not "working out"...or at least not in the way that they had expected in the first place. 

It reads:

"No one likes having to resort to "plan B". But even when our plans fall through, Heavenly Father does not abandon His children. There are multiple good ways for life to work out. In time, we may even find that the roadblocks that changed our plans gave us needed insight and experience (D & C 122:7) and led to something better."

One of the individuals explains their feelings about their failed plans..."I learned something from his example[the Apostle Paul]: the period of waiting is not merely the process that we must go through to get what we want. Rather, it is a process by which we become who our Heavenly Father wants us to be through changes we make."

 This is what I've been needing to hear...yes, I may have gotten a confirmation of what I thought was the right plan for us...and I know there was a reason for us in doing that...but I hadn't figured out what it was I was supposed to be learning throughout this long journey of waiting and wanting and waiting some more. 

That's it!! I was learning...and I was growing...I was becoming a better person, a better mother, a better sister, a better daughter. 

"Being patient is one of my hardest trials because I want to understand my entire plan-but I realized that Heavenly Fathers plan and timing for us will always be the best".

One of the men talked about in this article does end up having his plans work out, completely differently than he expected, and years later...and he says: "It is a testimony to me that the Lord is waiting to bless us, but it's always on His timetable."

"Regardless of the turns life's journey may take, the final destination of eternal life is what Heavenly Father plans for His children. Some may even find that "plan B" was simply away of making His "plan A" a reality."

I realized that I am still on "Plan A", I've always been on "Plan A", and with the help of the Lord, and following inspirations I can make sure that I am always on His plan...I just need to remember that His timing, and His plan is always what is best for me, even if I don't see it at the time. 

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland (The best is yet to come): 
"We look back to claim the embers from glowing experiences but not the ashes. And when we have learned what we need to learn and have brought with us the best that we have experienced, then we look ahead and remember that 
   faith is always pointed toward the future."

Friday, June 22, 2012

Family Party Night

This is what we did tonight:



pure awesome:)

My little tender mercy...

I've been reading the Old Testament for a few months now...which is new to me, I don't think I've ever read the Bible cover to cover.'s been difficult to read, to say the least...and I've been having a really hard time with it. 
On Thursday I went to a great Relief Society activity where we talked about books, listened to an author and learned more about our Public Library. 
While I was there, I picked up a few books at the book exchange...

One is "Tom Sawyer", which I started reading aloud to the boys. Another is "7 Habits for Highly Effective  Families", which I know my family loved, so I thought it'd be a good read. 

My tender mercy was the 3rd book..."A Peculiar Treasure, Old Testament Messages for Our Day"...and so far, I love it! It's really been answering, word for word, questions that I've had...I love it.

I can't wait to finish it and learn so much more:)

Just in case you didn't think I was crazy...Spray paint leather couch

Well...after reading THIS I was convinced to spray-paint my own leather couch....and well, it didn't turn out so well...l.a.m.e!!

Here is the final product...

The only good thing that came from this whole project (besides the fact that it will be easier to convince my hubby to get us a nice new couch soon) is that I learned how NOT to do it next time...and a few tips on how to do it if you want to:
1) If you don't have a really smooth surface to work with, get a good leather filler. Unfortunately none exist here in L-town, but I did find some good ones online...and I would definitely try them out next would really smooth out the surface.
2)I would use a primer. The lady on the blog that I read didn't, and it might be tricky to find  Vinyl Spray Paint primer...but if there is one, use it. 
3)After that I'd use a LOT more spray paint than she did, we went through 6 or 7 cans, and could have easily used more.
4)ONLY use Vinyl Spray Paint...I cheated and did half and half because it's pricey up here in Canada, and hard to find. Next time I go to the U.S. I plan on stocking up on every kind of random and cool cheap spray-paint I can.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just in case you didn't think I was crazy enough...going shampoo-free, 7 days and counting read it write...shampoo free, or as the nature-moms call it "Poo-free"'s all the crazy for crazy-natural moms out there. 
I'm probably above average on the "natural" it probably isn't too much of a surprise that I would be trying this Poo-free method. 

a) I'm lazy...if I can somehow figure out how to shampoo WAY less...awesome(it also saves money, ya know)
b)It's supposed to be good for your hair. I'm interested in seeing how healthy my hair looks at the end.
c)My hair is SO super oily....seriously. It gets greasy my the end of the day, I usually shampoo every day, or every other day if I'm in a rush. I'd love to figure out how to get less oily hair. 

I thought I'd keep track of it via blog, and then I could really tell if there was a difference or not. 
So here goes....

Week 1
I let my hair just shampoo, no conditioner, nothing except for day 3 when my hair was just not brushing, and I had to spray a little leave-in conditioner to brush it out. Every time I'd shower I'd rinse with water, and then put it in a bun or a french braid, so it was harder to see the grease-craze.
My hair got increasingly oily, so much so that I couldn't stand to take a picture of it. It was pretty much stuck in place...ewwww. 
Anyways...I looked up recipes for natural shampoo, to help my scalp "re-calibrate" or so the cool-blogs say. 
I went with one that called for 1 cup of warm water and 1 tbsp of baking soda. The problem I found was that the mixture just sort-of skiffed off...I couldn't massage it into my scalp or anything. 
I got out and read some more blogs, and found another recipe that I it is:

2-3 teaspoons of baking soda
Enough water to make a paste
-massage paste into scalp and rinse. 

Next time I plan on rinsing with a combination of water and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, which is supposed to work as a conditioner. 
Here is my after-showered 7th day hair:

More to come in 7 days!! :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

I wish I had so much more time to blog. Most days I start babysitting bright and early, and watch anywhere from 1-6 extra kids during the day. By the time I'm done, which is usually around 5:30ish, I'm soooo...tired...and still have cooking and cleaning to do. The occasional half-day that I have off is usually spent running errands, or doing something fun with the boys, that can't be done with so many kids. Thus, my blog has been severely neglected. One day.... I've been really itching to write a post on parenting, and all this great stuff I am reading, and somewhat hopefully that will happen. I've also been busy helping plan my little sisters wedding...T minus 3 weeks!! And still so much to do:) day Ill be a better blogger. I am seriously decreasing my babysitting hours in the fall, so that will help. Besides is great! JD still loves his job, his benefits kick in in 3ish weeks, which I'm super excited about. We have a few fun summer things planned...and maybe a last-minute vacation as well. Oh, and babies! So many friends are having babies....a sweet little boy born yesterday that I got to snuggle, and another one due in a few weeks...I love babies:) Blog out.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Reno' dream...

The funny thing is, I really did have a dream about reno's. I dreamed that I actually finished all of the things I want to do, and it only took a day, and looked awesome! The moral of my dream was that it was much easier than I had been planning, and I shouldn't be so worried about going all out. 
Well, I'm hoping that the moral comes true, as I have been day-dreaming about finishing it all ever since that dream, and it just won't get out of my head.'s what I'm thinking...
Painting ALL of the trim, and everything that is currently oak for that matter, this:

As for the banisters, I would probably mix it up, a little bit of wood, a little bit of this:

I want a really bright and open kitchen re-do...putting in a few glass doors, changing the knobs, putting on crown molding, and painting it this:
(her before kitchen pics look a LOT like mine now)

THEN, I'd finish up with a little kitchen table this:

OH....I almost forgot...and a CRAZY leather couch re-do (in, you guessed it, WHITE, from the original hunter green) this:

I think with all this white, I'm going to have to paint the one large dining-room/living-room wall too....hmm...charcoal grey? something bright? I don't know...we'll see. 

Anyways, so far, just a dream....haven't fully decided yet. By decided, I mean, convinced the hubby;)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Photos 2012

We went out last night with the amazingly talented Devynn, and her awesome assistant, John...and got some super-duper family photos done. 
I stressed all weekend about outfits, but I totally think the end result was perfect!!! I love them:)
Check them out on her blog here:

The Runaway...stolen from Chels...

Well, this will be the easiest blog-post/sum-up of my weekend EVER!! ha ha....My good friend Chels was awesome enough to describe our weekend in perfect detail (you'll see, she's much better with words that I). Oh, and she actually takes pictures!! ha ha...enjoy:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation shmacation...

I feel like we are planning SO many little getaways that our summer will probably just FLY by. 
I'm going away this weekend with some kids, no hubbies....just us!! 

I've never been gone for more than a night by myself with no hubby or kids, so it will be interesting for sure...and SO much fun, I'm really excited...and so glad that I have such amazing ladies to spend my time with:)

Next month we're trying to plan a vacation for just the 2 of us, no kid-lets. We thought it'd be a good idea during this "break" time while we don't have any brand new babies and/or are growing any babies in my belly to go away on a just-us vacation. 

We're torn between going somewhere really awesome, warm, beach-y and all-inclusive...and going to visit some super-great friends and family down in hubby's leaning towards the latter...but the whole all-you-can-eat food thing is really swinging my vote to the former...ha ha...we'll see who wins! ;)

A week or so after we get back from that we'll be headed down to Whitefish for an entire week on a family vacation with some great friends. The best part about it is that these are friends we rarely see, all of my hubby's best friends from just gets so busy when your old, kid-full and live in random cities across the it's hard to sneak in visits. It will be great to be able to spend a whole week together, and all of us have kids too, boys it'll be awesome:)

Besides those extended vacations, the rest of our summer will include me babysitting, weekend trips to Waterton, the zoo, milk river etc....and  a WHOLE lotta' sidewalk chalk, bubbles and water. I mean it too, those are the necessities of a good summer. My kids have already gone through a TON of bubbles, and about 48 pieces of sidewalk chalk, no joke....they LOVE that stuff. 

I hope to take WAY more pictures this summer, and actually post them too, ha ha. :) 

on another note....I love the smell of rain....mmmmm...

Funny for the day:

"MOM!! Daddy and I made a wooden gun with gorilla glue...and it just broke! It says its as strong as gorilla's! how did that happen? Hey...maybe, I'm stronger than a gorilla?"... obviously....;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

New shtuff....

What's new:
-I am in LOVE with our new van, and the stow-and-go-ness of's fantastic for grocery shopping, and I've taken out on 2 dates so far, so it's also cool enough for that.
-I'm still babysitting like a crazy mad-woman...some weeks more than others, but pretty much every day (only 2 days off in the whole month of May)...but it's worth it, because I have such an awesome van!:)
-I'm loving the sunny weather, I got my first burn of the season last week....awesome;)
-Sidewalk chalk and a HUGE thing of bubbles are all you need in the summer.
-My in-laws have been visiting, and it has been fantastic...this is the first Mother's Day in a long time that my hubby's mother has been with us, and it was great...filled with home-made cards, yummy food and a LOT of was perfect really. 
-We had a service auction last Friday, where you get to bid on other peoples goods and was awesome. We came away with banana bread, cinnamon buns, 3 pies, 2 hours of window/dish-washing and babysitting/dinner while we got the temple. 
-My hubby's job is still going great, he loves it and I love the it's a win/win...we may just stay here forever!! 
-Speaking of staying, we have been humming and hawing over whether or not to get a house of our own...and have finally made a decision...we are staying here in this house for at least another year, and maybe until the hubby goes back to school again a 2 or 3 years. I would be bummed about this decision, but I LOVE our neighbors, the neighborhood, our friends, the weather(right now, ha ha), and I got an awesome van, which is almost as good as a new house, right?! :)
-We're still on the adoption list, and did our annual review a month ago, which makes it a whopping 13 months that we've been "waiting"... I know, it's really not that long, but some days it sure feels like it. It has been great though, and we are still hopeful that things will work out the way that would be best for our family.

Well, that's about it!! Happy Summer galavantings(is that a word?)     :)

funny for the day:
Hubby goes to check on Roo in the bathroom, "Daddy! Come here, can you smell my poo? It's really stinky"
yup, boys.