Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mexico, baby!!

The hubby and I found a great deal online for an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. We decided this would be a perfect time to go. We didn't have a little baby or small kids that we'd have to bring with us, we had babysitters at our house (our awesome in-laws) that could watch the kids, and we had a week left of vacation time to use was perfect timing of us really.
We've never been to an all-inclusive resort before, so I was super excited.
What made it even more awesome is that several of our close friends decided to come also, 12 of us in total booked it.

Here's our week in detail:

Day 1-

Check the weather, it's supposed to rain all week...NOOO!! We drive to the airport in plenty of time to check-in, eat and visit with all our friends. Board the plane....looooong....plane ride, ha ha, I'm a wimp, I know.
Arrive to pouring rain!! Like, really pouring. Manage to find our way to our travel rep, and board a bus to the resort. It's raining so much that the bus is leaking all over our heads.
Unpack, room is awesome!! Resort is awesome!! Eat Mexican food with really yummy green soup. Go for a late evening swim in the ridiculously warm ocean. First day= fabulous.

Day 2-
Wake up and attempt to go for breakfast, but are stopped by the timeshare people. Decide to go on timeshare tour, that includes breakfast. Takes WAY longer than they say, like usual...sales rep is usual...we don't buy usual. Get $56 off of a tour we really wanted to go on. Book the rest of our tours for the week.
Spend the afternoon swimming, eating and hanging out. In LOVE with the awesome warm water. Figure out the address to the church in the morning.

Day 3- 
Somehow subconsciously convince another couple to come with us to church. Get a taxi driver named Nacho who knows exactly where the church is. Drive the crazy roads through major puddles (more like rivers) and crazy potholes...somehow make it to church in one piece.
Don't understand anything being said at church, that has already started. Realize that we got the wrong time, when what we think is the opening prayer, is in fact, the closing one. Stay for Sunday school, understand a bit, enough to know what the topic is at least. Meet lots of cool people. Takes pictures with the giant Book of Mormon and admire the sweet outdoor basketball court.
Back at the resort, we have a sand sculpting contest. We lose...but our sculpture is still super awesome, a sea turtle. My fave was the loveseat, but only because it made for such awesome photos!
Swim some more, really learn to boogie board. Eat more food (the hubby thought all the food was good, I disliked almost everything I ate).
We walk around late at night randomly looking for somewhere to dance, but never find anything.

Day 4-
Go on a "canopy tour", which is a whole bunch of zip-lines(15 in total). The bus ride there is long, but really neat...we drive through some cool mountains. Start zip-lining, and scream at the first 3 we go on. After #4 I'm practically enjoying myself, and by #8 or so I'm going upside down and spinning. Awesome views!! I almost die with all the walking and the crazy heat/humidity, but somehow I survive.
We finish the tour and buy the video. We feed monkeys, super cool! We eat. We swim down some rock water-slides into the crazy river. The river is super strong, and I almost get swept away.
We head back home and stop at a big flea market on the way. It's much hotter downtown than it was in the jungle. We shop for a while and see some cool street preforming-type people. We eat yummy ice cream. Someone notices were Mormon, weird? This happens almost every day we're in Mexico.
We head home.
Karaoke night, I think? I'm getting my days confused.

Day 5- 
We hung out at the resort tanning, eating and swimming. We didn't too much during the day today. Our big tour today is Rhythms of the night. Its fantastic!! Like something off of a awesome. The food was pretty good too, but still not a huge fan of anything we are eating. After the show, we eat an awesome candle-lit dinner and are serenaded by some amazing singer/drummer/guitarists. After dinner we peruse the torch-lit island and find some hammocks, a beautiful beach and really pretty views.
We walk home from the tour, once back in PV, and are almost eaten by crocodiles, spiders, rabid dogs...and zombies? Who knows, it was a crazy night.

Day 6-
We wake up bright and early to take a little water-taxi to Vallarta Adventures. Due to a pool closure, we all got $50 vouchers towards a tour, and so we all decided to go on the Marietas Islands tour. It was super beuatiful! We are all a little disappointed because the tide was too high for us to go to Hidden Island, like we had hoped for. The snorkeling was okay, but not nearly as great as some other places we have been to.
The worst part about today is getting sick!! A combination of sea-sickness and heat-stroke leads to me getting seriously sick for 2 fun! But the beach that we went to was beautiful  and we got some great shots. 
I'm super bummed to miss all the dancing that everyone else is doing downstairs...apparently even my hubby brakes it down on the dance floor! Too bad I'm sick in my room attempting to watch TV...sad night.

Day 7-
I was sick all day!! I couldn't hardly leave the hotel room, and when I do, I can't eat. I just lay in the room or in the shade the whole day. Luckily, I'm able to start feeling better by the evening and get to join this SUPER fun night called "Miss Occidental". They pick 4 ladies to compete, and through a series of really silly, slightly embarrassing and ridiculous tasks...I eventually win the title of Miss Occidental...and a free!

Day 8-I am pretty ready to see my kids by today!! And way more than ready to eat some good old Canadian food. We spend the day hanging out by the pool and beach, taking pictures and having fun. The funnest part of today is the pool volleyball game we got going...SO much fun, which is surprising because I suck SO bad....seriously, ask my friends:)
We take some more cool pics, and are off on our way home! The long flight is made longer by the fact that my flying-home novel isn't nearly as good as my flying-there novel. Also, the TV's are down completely....not cool. 
We make a pit-stop at Peter's and run into my weird?! They are going through the drive-thru as we are at the drive-in....such a nice surprise!

After a long drive home, in which I manage to stay awake...we are finally home to our kiddos! It was all I could do not to wake them up....I missed them SO much!!

And that's our week in a nutshell! SO super fantastic! We both love the sun and the beach. In fact, the hubby stated tonight that we should save up money to move to Hawaii, sell mini-donuts at the swap meet and buy a laundro-mat and start a jet-lev that's the life! :)


  1. That seems like such a short post for how much sheer awesomeness was packed into our week. Loving that some of my pics made it in!!

    1. It wasn't too hard for your pics to make it, since hiw JD pretty much took none! Lame! Good thing you have such an awesome camera! And was sheer awesomeness...they could've made a pretty persuasive visit-Mexico commercial out of clips of our week.

  2. Sounds like a blast!! And it was SO FUN to run into you guys at Peter's- totally random and awesome...Dad said it was the best part of his day!!

    1. It was SO awesome....glad I made dads day:)

  3. looks like so much fun!! what resort did you guys go to? sounds like there was lots to do etc and so fun that you went with a bunch of couples

    1. We went to the Occidental Grand in Nuevo Vallarta, just barely north of Puerto Vallarta. We booked a ton of tours, but there was also a lot to do just at the resort, so it was awesome! It was super fun going with tons of couples!