Thursday, January 26, 2012

pizza and laughs...

We've had a lot of boring days lately...I've been trying to come up with fun things to we have made THIS and are planning on making THIS well as a grocery store made out of cardboard boxes, we just have enough now. 

Throughout the quiet days though, my boys do same some pretty hilarious stuff. Over the weekend, we were bored and decided to have a "party", each person in the family got to pick what they wanted to do at the party. I picked "order pizza"(typical me), hubby picked "dance around the living-room squawking like a chicken" (who wouldn't pick that, really), roo picked "play duck-duck-goose" and A picked (with some help from mommy) "wear our p.j's!". It was a great night...and in case you're wondering, we did do ALL of those things, ha ha. 
The boys also say some pretty funny stuff....a few ones from roo as of late: "I am turning 20 on my birthday", I asked him to say something funny this afternoon and he said, "banana!!" very excitedly and then laughed like a maniac...later, while my hubby's dad was adjusting him, he said, "grandpa's fixing me", to which I said, "are you broken or something?"..."yup, I'm broken."
Another thing he LOVES to say is "that's HILARIOUS (which comes out way cuter with his little way of saying it) after every time he makes a joke...then he laughs hysterically. 

He thinks he is quite the comedian, and cracks jokes all the time. We don't like it when he says "oh my gosh", because it's just too close to something we have told him not to say it. When he accidentally does, he goes: "Oops, that's the bad one right? Oh goodness." Or even better, "Oh my momma! Oh my dadda! Oh my Ashur!"...he's quite the little smart alec:) 

As I'm typing this, I asked him if he was tired (he's yawning).."no I'm not! I'm just sleepy!", A: "tired IS sleepy"...R: "NO IT"S NOT!" ha ha...

In other news...

I'm still waiting to hear back about the in-person interview that I had this week, which my fingers are crossed for...but, I've also been applying to some other great jobs, just in case it falls through. 
My hubby has actually been working a few days a week doing concrete, and has just recently taken on a side job of renovating someone's that's good news!
I'm still pushing my hubby to study pretty much ALL the time, ha ha...he's probably way sick of my nagginess...but it's good for him...he'll thanks me later, once he aces the GMAT;)
Maybe I'll have some exciting job-news for my next post!! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What matters most...

The last week has been interesting to say the least...and boring, all wrapped up into one big emotion. Our kids came down with the pox, so we have been cooped up all week (thus the boring)...yet there is so much going on.

I've had a lot on my mind lately...

I can't seem to get that one out of my mind, no matter how hard I try. I think I'm over it...but then I start crying on the phone to my mom about evidently, I am not. Not yet, at least. 
2-work... I haven't ever really been a huge fan of work, ha ha...who is? I only worked during the summers while taking my degree, which was never more then 3-4 months in a row. I usually worked 3-4 jobs at a time, so I wouldn't get bored, and so I could optimize my time and money-making
I had a baby shortly after getting married, and haven't really worked since then...ever. 
I feel slightly overwhelmed, and hugely under-qualified...for pretty much any job besides waitress-ing. I know that I have a good education, and that I did exceedingly well during school...but that hasn't really carried over. Most moms will know what I feel like, being with little kids all day turns your brain to mush. 
I feel my spelling and grammar getting worse, and even just words that I used to know...I just don't know much brain is to used to baby food and boogers...and not used to work-clothes and typing.
Anyways...there are so many things to think about as well, like where I should work, what I should do, for how long...should my hubby stay home?'s a lot to think about.
3-my hubby
First off, I have to say how awesome he is, because he just really is super-fantastically-awesome. He is such a hard worker, and so intelligent...any job or school would be so over-the-moon lucky to have him. I know that I'm super lucky to have him. 
He has been looking into schools, starting applications to them, and while doing that, applying to several jobs too. It's a tricky thing though, finding the right job. He got a job offer-ish (as did I, but I don't think I'm taking it) for a not-so-great job. 
On the one hand, we feel like he should take it, because beggars shouldn't be choosers right? Anything is better than nothing....BUT, what if something better does come along? He really needs to get a job that will increase his chances of getting into least at some point
4-my priorities
When I look around the internet, sometimes I get blog-envy(or maybe it's just general life-envy). You know those blogs where they post awesome pictures of their families(with some fancy camera)....every afternoon they do a  great craft with their kids...every evening is a dinner that someone else will probably "pin" because it looks just that yummy...their house is huge and gorgeous and full of awesome decorative stuff(yup, there goes my awesome vocab....synonym for stuff anyone? ha ha)....oh, and don't forget that they look awesomely amazing and super modern-y cute in every self-portrait....that too
Well, occasionally I start to wonder how I could become like that. I want a fancy camera, I want to do more with my kids, make better dinners, do my hair on occasion (at least brush it for goodness sakes:)....
Today, during Sunday-school at church...I started thinking about all of those things. They aren't bad things, we want a nice clean home, happy and intelligent children etc. etc....but you can't do it all at once. You just can't. 
Maybe some day I will be that mom, that has time to do all of those amazing things, and still has time to blog about it every day
But for now, I need to work on what matters most...and what matters most is teaching my children gospel principles, trying to raise them with manners and kindness and love to all mankind. 
What matters most is my husband knowing that I love and support him, even during this difficult time of job-less-ness, that I know  can be so hard. 
What matters most if my own "holiness"- my trying to be closer to Christ every day, by my actions, and my love...selfless-ness
                That's what matters most
                   That is what I will work on every day. 
I will try and become the person that I want to, and know that I can, become. And maybe one day I'll have  a fancy camera, a new vehicle, a job or be going to school somewhere like THIS (amazing, right?). 
                        But for now...I'll just work on me.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the mouths of silly children...

Me: "I'm going to write on my blog, do you want to say anything?"
Roo: "Daddy, reuben and ashur and nothing grandpa eating lunch. 
I want you to not call everything I'm talking about.
I want you to call us."
Me: "anything else?"
Roo: "I don't want you to say anything!!"

Ashur: "Nothing.
I don't want you to say anything.
Follow me in diapers.
this is my moms blog ( he may or may not have said "poop" as well....ha ha, then said, "you can just "x" the word poop, okay? you can "x" it")
That's all."

That's pretty much how exciting our life is today...quite the difference from a week or two ago when we were here!! :
Hanauma Bay

Us snorkeling....SO much fun!

'Iao Needle, Maui

In other news...well pretty much there isn't anything new. 
     JD and I are both applying at jobs..and hoping that one of us will get one sooner than later
    We've been super blessed this month is in getting money that we were not expecting, and JD being able to work casual with several people here in town. 
    We have been looking into several Universities for him to apply to this fall...but I'm not even sure what we'll end up doing....if he gets a great job before then, we'll probably take the job over school. But if he does awesomely well on the GMAT and we get into a top-tier school, we'll do that instead. (he is pretty stinkin' smart...with no studying at all, he scored "average" on the test, that most people study for months for...he's studied more now, and done well above hopefully with a few more weeks of studying he'll get an amazing score! all I know is...I would fail, big least in the math part)

For some reason, while we were in Hawaii, the boys were super unruly...acting out, throwing tantrums, sleeping name it, they were Ca-RaZy!!! Luckily, since we've been back home and back to normal, their behavior has really improved....every day THIS YEAR so far has been great with them....I mean this year has only had, what, 10 days?! ha ha...but I'm planning on it being a great year:)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The LAST Hawaii saga: To Maui and then home again...

Maui was fantastic!! So fantastic, in fact, that I would consider going there again over Oahu...not that we didn't love Oahu, but we spent a LOT of time there, and did almost all of the sight-seeing we could there, but could do so much more on Maui then we had the chance to do. 
The Islands all seem super different. One of the great things about flying to Maui was that we got to take a small plane over there and it flew low enough for us to see several islands on the way over. 
A really loved the flight over, as there was a lot more noticeable "turbulence" and flying side-to-side and what not, which he loves. 
We almost missed our flight there, by about 2 minutes to be exact....they were calling our names for final boarding, as we were walking through the I ran to the gate shoe-less and bag-less, with the children, to stop them, while the hubby caught up and grabbed ALL of our stuff (have I mentioned that we brought WAY too much luggage?? about 6 suitcases, 3 backpacks and a purse...nutso).
We didn't know much about Maui when we flew over there, but it was different right from the get-go....the mountains were huge!! One in particular, Haleakala, I think, is about 10, 000 ft from the peak...and if you measure it all the way to it's base, below sea-level, it's actually taller than Mt. Everest
There was a lot of jungle-rainforest-type stuff too, which I LOVE!! 
There was more countryside, and a lot of desert too. There wasn't huge cities or touristy spots like on Oahu....just a few really small resort-cities and towns. 
The bus system was a lot worse then on Oahu, which is crazy since I thought Oahu was awful. The bus didn't go too many places, only about half the island, if we had to take cabs too, which is way more pricy...but we were able to do some great sight-seeing while there. 
We went to the 'Iao needle which was super neat, we all enjoyed hiking around there. We also took a bus to several little tourist towns, and took the boys mini-golfing, which was interesting, ha ha. For the most part Roo would throw the golfball, instead of hitting it, and eventually just walk it over to the hole and drop it in:)
We only spent a few days on Maui, and didn't get to spend any time at the beach....but it was still great. 
We decided that coming home would be the best thing for us fairly early on in our vacation....but we thought we'd just wait and see how flights turned out. One night we were perusing and found the cheapest deal we'd ever seen, and on a non-stop flight, which is great for we took it. I had been really wanting to go to Maui, and it departed from there, so it worked out great!!
kinda wish we could have stayed for another week or two....but it was really great to finally be back home in our comfy beds and unpack everything. We got to spend a few days at my parents house, which was really nice, minus the jet-lag non-sleepiness, roo getting sick (food poisoining we think), and my sweet little niece coming down with the chicken pox....needless to say it was quite the weekend. 
We're sure glad to be home and see what the next few months have in store for us...we're both applying for jobs, something I haven't done in I'm pretty nervous about it. I think that whomever gets a goof job first will go to work, and the other one will stay at home. 
We're hoping I get a job ASAP just so that my hubby can stay home and study for the GMAT, which he really needs to fingers (and toes) are crossed that he scores amazingly well, and that he gets accepted at some really great schools....if not though, it would also be nice for him to get a great job soon we'll see how everything works out. 
I know there is a reason that we were meant to come back here, we both felt really good about it, and have faith that things will work out for us:) 
Thanks for following my little saga!