Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the mouths of silly children...

Me: "I'm going to write on my blog, do you want to say anything?"
Roo: "Daddy, reuben and ashur and nothing grandpa eating lunch. 
I want you to not call everything I'm talking about.
I want you to call us."
Me: "anything else?"
Roo: "I don't want you to say anything!!"

Ashur: "Nothing.
I don't want you to say anything.
Follow me in diapers.
this is my moms blog ( he may or may not have said "poop" as well....ha ha, then said, "you can just "x" the word poop, okay? you can "x" it")
That's all."

That's pretty much how exciting our life is today...quite the difference from a week or two ago when we were here!! :
Hanauma Bay

Us snorkeling....SO much fun!

'Iao Needle, Maui

In other news...well pretty much there isn't anything new. 
     JD and I are both applying at jobs..and hoping that one of us will get one sooner than later
    We've been super blessed this month is in getting money that we were not expecting, and JD being able to work casual with several people here in town. 
    We have been looking into several Universities for him to apply to this fall...but I'm not even sure what we'll end up doing....if he gets a great job before then, we'll probably take the job over school. But if he does awesomely well on the GMAT and we get into a top-tier school, we'll do that instead. (he is pretty stinkin' smart...with no studying at all, he scored "average" on the test, that most people study for months for...he's studied more now, and done well above hopefully with a few more weeks of studying he'll get an amazing score! all I know is...I would fail, big least in the math part)

For some reason, while we were in Hawaii, the boys were super unruly...acting out, throwing tantrums, sleeping name it, they were Ca-RaZy!!! Luckily, since we've been back home and back to normal, their behavior has really improved....every day THIS YEAR so far has been great with them....I mean this year has only had, what, 10 days?! ha ha...but I'm planning on it being a great year:)


  1. Hey Crystal, You took Psych... you know exactly why they were unruly while you were away ;) lol
    Hope the job hunting goes well and you get something that works!!

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