Thursday, January 26, 2012

pizza and laughs...

We've had a lot of boring days lately...I've been trying to come up with fun things to we have made THIS and are planning on making THIS well as a grocery store made out of cardboard boxes, we just have enough now. 

Throughout the quiet days though, my boys do same some pretty hilarious stuff. Over the weekend, we were bored and decided to have a "party", each person in the family got to pick what they wanted to do at the party. I picked "order pizza"(typical me), hubby picked "dance around the living-room squawking like a chicken" (who wouldn't pick that, really), roo picked "play duck-duck-goose" and A picked (with some help from mommy) "wear our p.j's!". It was a great night...and in case you're wondering, we did do ALL of those things, ha ha. 
The boys also say some pretty funny stuff....a few ones from roo as of late: "I am turning 20 on my birthday", I asked him to say something funny this afternoon and he said, "banana!!" very excitedly and then laughed like a maniac...later, while my hubby's dad was adjusting him, he said, "grandpa's fixing me", to which I said, "are you broken or something?"..."yup, I'm broken."
Another thing he LOVES to say is "that's HILARIOUS (which comes out way cuter with his little way of saying it) after every time he makes a joke...then he laughs hysterically. 

He thinks he is quite the comedian, and cracks jokes all the time. We don't like it when he says "oh my gosh", because it's just too close to something we have told him not to say it. When he accidentally does, he goes: "Oops, that's the bad one right? Oh goodness." Or even better, "Oh my momma! Oh my dadda! Oh my Ashur!"...he's quite the little smart alec:) 

As I'm typing this, I asked him if he was tired (he's yawning).."no I'm not! I'm just sleepy!", A: "tired IS sleepy"...R: "NO IT"S NOT!" ha ha...

In other news...

I'm still waiting to hear back about the in-person interview that I had this week, which my fingers are crossed for...but, I've also been applying to some other great jobs, just in case it falls through. 
My hubby has actually been working a few days a week doing concrete, and has just recently taken on a side job of renovating someone's that's good news!
I'm still pushing my hubby to study pretty much ALL the time, ha ha...he's probably way sick of my nagginess...but it's good for him...he'll thanks me later, once he aces the GMAT;)
Maybe I'll have some exciting job-news for my next post!! :)

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