Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Family Photos 2012

We went out last night with the amazingly talented Devynn, and her awesome assistant, John...and got some super-duper family photos done. 
I stressed all weekend about outfits, but I totally think the end result was perfect!!! I love them:)
Check them out on her blog here:

The Runaway...stolen from Chels...

Well, this will be the easiest blog-post/sum-up of my weekend EVER!! ha ha....My good friend Chels was awesome enough to describe our weekend in perfect detail (you'll see, she's much better with words that I). Oh, and she actually takes pictures!! ha ha...enjoy:)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation shmacation...

I feel like we are planning SO many little getaways that our summer will probably just FLY by. 
I'm going away this weekend with some girlfriends....no kids, no hubbies....just us!! 

I've never been gone for more than a night by myself with no hubby or kids, so it will be interesting for sure...and SO much fun, I'm really excited...and so glad that I have such amazing ladies to spend my time with:)

Next month we're trying to plan a vacation for just the 2 of us, no kid-lets. We thought it'd be a good idea during this "break" time while we don't have any brand new babies and/or are growing any babies in my belly to go away on a just-us vacation. 

We're torn between going somewhere really awesome, warm, beach-y and all-inclusive...and going to visit some super-great friends and family down in California....my hubby's leaning towards the latter...but the whole all-you-can-eat food thing is really swinging my vote to the former...ha ha...we'll see who wins! ;)

A week or so after we get back from that we'll be headed down to Whitefish for an entire week on a family vacation with some great friends. The best part about it is that these are friends we rarely see, all of my hubby's best friends from high-school....life just gets so busy when your old, kid-full and live in random cities across the province...so it's hard to sneak in visits. It will be great to be able to spend a whole week together, and all of us have kids too, boys actually...so it'll be awesome:)

Besides those extended vacations, the rest of our summer will include me babysitting, weekend trips to Waterton, the zoo, milk river etc....and  a WHOLE lotta' sidewalk chalk, bubbles and water. I mean it too, those are the necessities of a good summer. My kids have already gone through a TON of bubbles, and about 48 pieces of sidewalk chalk, no joke....they LOVE that stuff. 

I hope to take WAY more pictures this summer, and actually post them too, ha ha. :) 

on another note....I love the smell of rain....mmmmm...

Funny for the day:

"MOM!! Daddy and I made a wooden gun with gorilla glue...and it just broke! It says its as strong as gorilla's! how did that happen? Hey...maybe, I'm stronger than a gorilla?"... obviously....;)

Monday, May 14, 2012

New shtuff....

What's new:
-I am in LOVE with our new van, and the stow-and-go-ness of it...it's fantastic for grocery shopping, and I've taken out on 2 dates so far, so it's also cool enough for that.
-I'm still babysitting like a crazy mad-woman...some weeks more than others, but pretty much every day (only 2 days off in the whole month of May)...but it's worth it, because I have such an awesome van!:)
-I'm loving the sunny weather, I got my first burn of the season last week....awesome;)
-Sidewalk chalk and a HUGE thing of bubbles are all you need in the summer.
-My in-laws have been visiting, and it has been fantastic...this is the first Mother's Day in a long time that my hubby's mother has been with us, and it was great...filled with home-made cards, yummy food and a LOT of relaxing...it was perfect really. 
-We had a service auction last Friday, where you get to bid on other peoples goods and services...it was awesome. We came away with banana bread, cinnamon buns, 3 pies, 2 hours of window/dish-washing and babysitting/dinner while we got the temple. 
-My hubby's job is still going great, he loves it and I love the hours...so it's a win/win...we may just stay here forever!! 
-Speaking of staying, we have been humming and hawing over whether or not to get a house of our own...and have finally made a decision...we are staying here in this house for at least another year, and maybe until the hubby goes back to school again a 2 or 3 years. I would be bummed about this decision, but I LOVE our neighbors, the neighborhood, our friends, the weather(right now, ha ha), and I got an awesome van, which is almost as good as a new house, right?! :)
-We're still on the adoption list, and did our annual review a month ago, which makes it a whopping 13 months that we've been "waiting"... I know, it's really not that long, but some days it sure feels like it. It has been great though, and we are still hopeful that things will work out the way that would be best for our family.

Well, that's about it!! Happy Summer galavantings(is that a word?)     :)

funny for the day:
Hubby goes to check on Roo in the bathroom, "Daddy! Come here, can you smell my poo? It's really stinky"
yup, boys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Babysitting my life away...

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been babysitting my life away...seriously, ha ha...it's been one crazy week! I've been holding up pretty well so far, even when I do have 6 kids under 6:) the only real bummer is that I've been sick...but I am on the mend, so I'm confident that the next few days will be easier. It's been great to be so busy with watching kids, because it makes me come up with fun and creative things to do with all of them which my kids love...I'm sure I'll get into the rhythm of having these many kids around all the time. Im also super excited about our latest toy...our new van!! We love it:) in fact it may just get its own post...when I'm not in the middle if watching millions(it just autocrrected that to Illinois, random!) of tiny people:)