Monday, May 14, 2012

New shtuff....

What's new:
-I am in LOVE with our new van, and the stow-and-go-ness of's fantastic for grocery shopping, and I've taken out on 2 dates so far, so it's also cool enough for that.
-I'm still babysitting like a crazy mad-woman...some weeks more than others, but pretty much every day (only 2 days off in the whole month of May)...but it's worth it, because I have such an awesome van!:)
-I'm loving the sunny weather, I got my first burn of the season last week....awesome;)
-Sidewalk chalk and a HUGE thing of bubbles are all you need in the summer.
-My in-laws have been visiting, and it has been fantastic...this is the first Mother's Day in a long time that my hubby's mother has been with us, and it was great...filled with home-made cards, yummy food and a LOT of was perfect really. 
-We had a service auction last Friday, where you get to bid on other peoples goods and was awesome. We came away with banana bread, cinnamon buns, 3 pies, 2 hours of window/dish-washing and babysitting/dinner while we got the temple. 
-My hubby's job is still going great, he loves it and I love the it's a win/win...we may just stay here forever!! 
-Speaking of staying, we have been humming and hawing over whether or not to get a house of our own...and have finally made a decision...we are staying here in this house for at least another year, and maybe until the hubby goes back to school again a 2 or 3 years. I would be bummed about this decision, but I LOVE our neighbors, the neighborhood, our friends, the weather(right now, ha ha), and I got an awesome van, which is almost as good as a new house, right?! :)
-We're still on the adoption list, and did our annual review a month ago, which makes it a whopping 13 months that we've been "waiting"... I know, it's really not that long, but some days it sure feels like it. It has been great though, and we are still hopeful that things will work out the way that would be best for our family.

Well, that's about it!! Happy Summer galavantings(is that a word?)     :)

funny for the day:
Hubby goes to check on Roo in the bathroom, "Daddy! Come here, can you smell my poo? It's really stinky"
yup, boys.

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