Friday, June 22, 2012

Just in case you didn't think I was crazy...Spray paint leather couch

Well...after reading THIS I was convinced to spray-paint my own leather couch....and well, it didn't turn out so well...l.a.m.e!!

Here is the final product...

The only good thing that came from this whole project (besides the fact that it will be easier to convince my hubby to get us a nice new couch soon) is that I learned how NOT to do it next time...and a few tips on how to do it if you want to:
1) If you don't have a really smooth surface to work with, get a good leather filler. Unfortunately none exist here in L-town, but I did find some good ones online...and I would definitely try them out next would really smooth out the surface.
2)I would use a primer. The lady on the blog that I read didn't, and it might be tricky to find  Vinyl Spray Paint primer...but if there is one, use it. 
3)After that I'd use a LOT more spray paint than she did, we went through 6 or 7 cans, and could have easily used more.
4)ONLY use Vinyl Spray Paint...I cheated and did half and half because it's pricey up here in Canada, and hard to find. Next time I go to the U.S. I plan on stocking up on every kind of random and cool cheap spray-paint I can.


  1. I saw a post about this a while ago and thought it was pretty cool! Thanks for the tips!

    1. No problem! I'll for sure be trying it again one day.

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