Friday, June 15, 2012

I wish I had so much more time to blog. Most days I start babysitting bright and early, and watch anywhere from 1-6 extra kids during the day. By the time I'm done, which is usually around 5:30ish, I'm soooo...tired...and still have cooking and cleaning to do. The occasional half-day that I have off is usually spent running errands, or doing something fun with the boys, that can't be done with so many kids. Thus, my blog has been severely neglected. One day.... I've been really itching to write a post on parenting, and all this great stuff I am reading, and somewhat hopefully that will happen. I've also been busy helping plan my little sisters wedding...T minus 3 weeks!! And still so much to do:) day Ill be a better blogger. I am seriously decreasing my babysitting hours in the fall, so that will help. Besides is great! JD still loves his job, his benefits kick in in 3ish weeks, which I'm super excited about. We have a few fun summer things planned...and maybe a last-minute vacation as well. Oh, and babies! So many friends are having babies....a sweet little boy born yesterday that I got to snuggle, and another one due in a few weeks...I love babies:) Blog out.

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