Thursday, June 21, 2012

Just in case you didn't think I was crazy enough...going shampoo-free, 7 days and counting read it write...shampoo free, or as the nature-moms call it "Poo-free"'s all the crazy for crazy-natural moms out there. 
I'm probably above average on the "natural" it probably isn't too much of a surprise that I would be trying this Poo-free method. 

a) I'm lazy...if I can somehow figure out how to shampoo WAY less...awesome(it also saves money, ya know)
b)It's supposed to be good for your hair. I'm interested in seeing how healthy my hair looks at the end.
c)My hair is SO super oily....seriously. It gets greasy my the end of the day, I usually shampoo every day, or every other day if I'm in a rush. I'd love to figure out how to get less oily hair. 

I thought I'd keep track of it via blog, and then I could really tell if there was a difference or not. 
So here goes....

Week 1
I let my hair just shampoo, no conditioner, nothing except for day 3 when my hair was just not brushing, and I had to spray a little leave-in conditioner to brush it out. Every time I'd shower I'd rinse with water, and then put it in a bun or a french braid, so it was harder to see the grease-craze.
My hair got increasingly oily, so much so that I couldn't stand to take a picture of it. It was pretty much stuck in place...ewwww. 
Anyways...I looked up recipes for natural shampoo, to help my scalp "re-calibrate" or so the cool-blogs say. 
I went with one that called for 1 cup of warm water and 1 tbsp of baking soda. The problem I found was that the mixture just sort-of skiffed off...I couldn't massage it into my scalp or anything. 
I got out and read some more blogs, and found another recipe that I it is:

2-3 teaspoons of baking soda
Enough water to make a paste
-massage paste into scalp and rinse. 

Next time I plan on rinsing with a combination of water and apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, which is supposed to work as a conditioner. 
Here is my after-showered 7th day hair:

More to come in 7 days!! :)


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  2. You could try using sulfate-free shampoos. Amanda uses Moroccan oil brand shampoo and conditioner. Her hair doesn't get greasy for a long time. She says she only needs to wash her hair two times a week, sometimes three (even going to work every day). I'm going to try that as soon as my hairdresser friend orders it. I think there are other sulfate-free shampoos out there that are cheaper:

    1. Thanks a bunch...I'll look into it, if this ends up not working. The lady who's blog I stole this idea from did use super fancy and awesome all-natural hair stuff, and likes this method even I'm gonna keep it up for a few more weeks and see how it goes:)