Friday, June 1, 2012

Reno' dream...

The funny thing is, I really did have a dream about reno's. I dreamed that I actually finished all of the things I want to do, and it only took a day, and looked awesome! The moral of my dream was that it was much easier than I had been planning, and I shouldn't be so worried about going all out. 
Well, I'm hoping that the moral comes true, as I have been day-dreaming about finishing it all ever since that dream, and it just won't get out of my head.'s what I'm thinking...
Painting ALL of the trim, and everything that is currently oak for that matter, this:

As for the banisters, I would probably mix it up, a little bit of wood, a little bit of this:

I want a really bright and open kitchen re-do...putting in a few glass doors, changing the knobs, putting on crown molding, and painting it this:
(her before kitchen pics look a LOT like mine now)

THEN, I'd finish up with a little kitchen table this:

OH....I almost forgot...and a CRAZY leather couch re-do (in, you guessed it, WHITE, from the original hunter green) this:

I think with all this white, I'm going to have to paint the one large dining-room/living-room wall too....hmm...charcoal grey? something bright? I don't know...we'll see. 

Anyways, so far, just a dream....haven't fully decided yet. By decided, I mean, convinced the hubby;)

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