Monday, September 24, 2012

My kids are crazy...

I forgot that one of the reasons that I used to LOVE writing in this blog was to document all of the awesome things my kids say...because, let's face it, their crazy! 

So here are a few from the last week or so:

I forgot that it was brown day at school, and this is the first thing A said to me when I went to pick him up:" was BROWN day, you forgot! I was the ONLY kid in the WHOLE school that wasn't wearing brown!"...ha ha, I'm sure. 
I took Roo to spanish this morning, and he was really sleepy, just cuddling me and not paying attention at all. He gave me a HUGE hug and said, "I love you to the TOP of the moon!" precious:)
Roo constantly walks around saying, "protect the world from evil!!"
A told me all about his scary dream last consisted of him trying to fix our van. While he was trying to fix the van, he was standing outside of it and the windows started going up and down, and the seats started going up and down...apparently that was just the scariest thing ever! 
Roo was downstairs and calling up to A, "Big brother! Big brother!"...and then he told me..."My big brother is up there, and I'm my big brother A's little brother Roo, did you know that?" ha ha...nope, didn't know that one;)
Last but not least...this came from his primary class yesterday...
Question: Have you ever had to be brave when you chose the right?
A's answer: There was never a time I had to be brave. It's always been easy to choose the right because I just always say a prayer to Jesus. 

I have the greatest, I love 'em:)

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