Friday, August 10, 2012

9 1/2 weeks and (NOT) going strong:( shampoo-less hair

Just in case you are new to this, and haven't read my previous posts on going shampoo-less....YES I do wash my hair, so it's not as crazy as it sounds. 

My Hair Today...

But NO, I do NOT use shampoo or conditioner. 
Once a week or so I rinse with a combination of baking soda and water, then do an apple cider vinegar rinse(ACV) for my ends, which is supposed to condition. 

Another shot of today, after the rinse...

I thought that the summer would be the best time to have "ugly" hair, since how I can get away with some sort of an up-do everyday, and my tanned skin makes my face look nicer, thus taking away from the fact that I have ugly hair, LOL. 
Well, so far, I'm just not sold. 
I'm sold on the fact that it can is told by a variety of blogs that I researched before starting this on my own. I'm just not convinced that it will EVER work for mine. 
My hair is still really oily, for sure by day 4 after the baking soda rinse. I would have expected better results than that by week 5. 
My hair is also dry, brittle, gross...just not like it's normal self, that's for sure. 
So....I researched what you can do to fix it. Less baking soda for dry ends, less ACV and only on the ends for more oily parts. 
I implemented this new regimen a week or so ago, but am still not impressed. 
Thus, I think I'm going to quit(I think?, lol)!! 
I feel bad saying that, since I've given it such a good long try thus far. I REALLY wanted it to work, and hoped that my hair would get more healthy, more natural and WAY less oily...but either I'm doing it wrong, or my hair is just way to oily to be helped. 
I am however going to look into this link a friend gave me on some awesome natural shampoo that's coconut-oil based, or some sulphate-free we'll see how that goes!
As for now, I'm excited at the prospect of getting my hair back to "normal".


  1. have you tried using coconut oil...just plain in your hair? heard that works well to condition it...hmmm...might be worth a try before you give up!!

  2. good for you to go that long! i saw it and was totally wondering if it REALLY worked. i have heard/read the sulfate free ones work really well and help your hair good luck!

  3. Conditioner is super important to me so even when I don't have my moroccan oil stuff (like after swimming) I'll just end up skipping the shampoo and use regular conditioner. Regular conditioner doesn't strip oil from hair does it? so I don't think it should affect the system too much. anyways, I haven't been using this system for 5 weeks yet so I'll wait until after then before I decide how well it works.