Friday, August 10, 2012

Our family vacation...

We just got home from one awesome vacation!! It was actually a multi-family vacation, with some of The Hubby's friends from's their 10-year reunion this year, so it was great timing!!
We had SO much fun, I just wish we had taken more pictures, but we forgot our camera, so they are all from the ipad.
We went down to Columbia Falls and stayed at Meadow Lake golf resort. The golf course there is rated a 4 1/2 stars, and the hubby LOVED golfing there with his buddies...they golfed pretty much every day we were there. He even hit a 380 on the fairway!! (I'm told that is very far, ha ha, I really don't know the first thing about golf).
One of the many highlights was that A got to go golfing with the big boys on Friday night. He got his own set of clubs, and even drove the golf-cart. I wish I would have gotten pictures of that!!
We went to an indoor fun center and arcade, to an outdoor fun center with a maze, bumper boats, mini-golf and go-karts.
We went swimming almost every day in the outdoor pool and splash park there, which the boys absolutely loved.
We all went for the day to Flathead lake at a day lodge, which was a blast. They had BBQ's, fire-pits, kayaks, picnic tables, fireplaces indoors, a kitchen...everything pretty much, it was awesome! the lake was a little too cold for me, but it didn't stop the boys from having a good swim.
We went shopping, of course, which was great...I got some SUPER cute clothes, because everything is cuter and cheaper in Montana, ha ha.
My favorite part was the great weather and beautiful surroundings. It was close to 40 degrees everyday, and SO sunny and nice...I loved it.
The only downside was the lack of AC in our room at night, and a couple of sleepless boys...but not every night was that bad, and a lot of the days they would sleep in too, which was fantastic.
Overall, we LOVED our vacation, and loved that it was SO close of a drive, and that we got to hang out with our great friends!! Thanks guys!! We'll have to plan one again soon:)

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