Saturday, March 24, 2012

Blessings and boys...

I have been so so so....lucky to be blessed with such amazing kids. They sure put me through the ringer as infants/older babies...but it was so worth it
Now A is older, loves to learn, loves to play with me, and has such a sweet little spirit. He loves talking about thing of great significance, like what happens to us when we die and how he can better follow Jesus. He is such a special kid
He always helps out around the house, and loves to play with his little brother. Most days, when roo says something funny or cute or silly, A and I look at each other and smile, and he says, "roo is just so cute, isn't he mommy?"'s so precious. 
I'm loving this time at home with him, and how much time we get to spend together playing Nintendo, making crafts, baking...he just wants to be doing whatever I'm doing, and I love it...and I love that I love it!! 
Roo is ssuuuuupppppeeerrr sweet. He is the greatest little napper...and before he lays down we always read books, then he asks me to tell him a story, then sing the exact same song every day. The stories I tell him are always ones that have happy endings, where the little fish finds his mommy, or the toy gets fixed, or the lonely race car finds friends...and he always LOVES them...which is great, because I don't have much of an imagination when it comes to story-telling, ha ha. 
He loves to cuddle with me and his daddy, and still loves to give us kisses with his cute little fishy-lips. There is nothing more he would rather be doing than playing with me and A, he just adores A...laughs at all of his silly jokes, follows him around, steals his toys..ha ha...he really does love him. Plus, he is just SO cute, like seriously him.
I feel so blessed that I have been able to have this time to spend with just the two of them without another little baby sleep-depriving me and sucking my brain cells (even though I do LOVE babies, they are so worth the mind-drain, ha ha). Sometimes you just have to count your blessings...and today I feel so blessed. 
I am also SUPER excited that my hubby starts his new job in 1 week!! We'll finally have a "real" job....well real in the way that most jobs are, ya know, you get paid regularly, get holidays, benefits etc...all that awesome-ness. You'll all just have to remind me how lucky we are to have landed this job when I'm bummed out everyday that my hubby is gone!!
Speaking of blessings...I am so very blessed to have had these last 6 years with my hubby being pretty much job-less(most of which while he was going to school, which still gave me a lot of time with him). It's been so fun to be able to hang out with him so much...we get to spend a LOT of time together, play games and watch movies all night long...he helps out a LOT around the house...and he may or may not let me sleep in every morning that he is home (don't hate me sleep-deprived friends!). 
Another new blessing this past week has been the little casual day-home I started....I think it will be super fun! I'm really excited to get more into it...and even if I don't get a ton of kids doing'll be better for my kids to have actual activities planned throughout the day, and fun crafts and games to's been really great for us. 

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roo: "I had a giant poo! It wasn't an airplane one, but a banana one."
"will you read me a story that's not in a book, but is in your brains?"

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