Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Roo turned three...

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now...since roo's birthday was a few weeks ago. 
His grandma was able to come and visit for his birthday, which was really neat, since how she spends most of her time in California. We planned it just right, so that all of us could go meet her at the airport. we stayed at a really great hotel that had some awesome water-slides.
We spent most of the evening and all morning at the pool,. which both roo and A loved. There was a little kiddy pool that roo and I spent all of our time in, with a tiny little slide. He got really brave and started trying to swim on his own and everything. He'd jump under the water and glide to me with his eyes open, and tell me that his eyes were waterproof so they'd be okay, he he, it was pretty cute:)
We went out for a great lunch with some more of my hubby's fam-jam...which was super nice that they a;; drove a ways to meet us!
We spent the afternoon at a Fun Center that I thought would be much funner than it was....roo wasn't such a fan, so we didn't stay there long. 
I suppose I should post some highlights of our last year with little roo:
-he speaks very celarly and very well, in fact probably too much (I wonder where he would have ever gotten that from?!)
-he's such a little smartie pants...if I give him a choice, like: would you like to get that toy taken away from you or would you like to give it back that little boy you took it from? He usually says, how about I keep the toy and don't give it back, that's my final option!! ha ha...he's a goof.
-He hasn't gained a ton of weight or height this year, he's still a pretty little guy, but he keeps up well with his burly older brother
-He loves sharing a room with his brother, and almost every night I hear them talking and giggling...I love how well they get along, if only it would last forever!
-He gets excited about absolutely everything,. especially food...he comes by that honestly.  When we asl him his favorite color, he says: "blue, green, purple, pink and yellow!!! ALL of them!!" :)
-Roo is such an obedient little boy. He is perfect for his teachers at church, and always really good for me at home too. In fact, he's been so good that I keep waiting for the "terrible two's" to kick in, but I just don't think they are going too! 
-My favorite thing about little roo is how much he  LOVES to cuddle...I love his hugs and kisses, and love that he still wants to snuggle with mommy and daddy...he is such a softie. 

Well little  ROO we sure love you!! I am so excited to see how much you will learn and grow this next year:)

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