Monday, March 12, 2012

GMAT shplat!!

Well...we sure had a crazy week last week!! 
I, for one, am glad it's over...and so is my hubby...probably even more GLAD than I am. 
No more studying!! For a while at least....he most likely will go back to school in a few years, and may decide to finish his CFA certification(finance shtuff) before that, we'll see...but either way he'll be done with studying for a while!!
He did really well on the GMAT(a test to get into business school, MBA), which is a huge relief, because that sucka costs $250 every time you write it...which adds up. 
We were planning on him having to write it a few times to get a good enough score, but he did well enough the first time. 
He got above the minimum required score for all of the 6-8 universities we had planned on applying I think we're good. 
Maybe one day he'll decide to increase his score, but for now, we feel good about it. The scores are good for up to 5 years too, so we don't have to go to school right away, we could wait a little while still, which is awesome too. 
We're finally done all the crazy interview-iness...and I'll post more about that later...but we're definitely excited for how well everything has been turning out:) (including starting a casual day-home this week, all the info's on my FB page if you're interested)
If everything goes as planned, we will even get to stay in Lethbridge for a while! Yay!
I had really wanted to move for a while now, but I realized that I would really miss my friends, being close to family, all the great subsidies living here offers, our awesome-sauce house PLUS we get to stay on the adoption list if we live in we're happy about that too:)
I'm really excited to see what's in store for us next...I may have spent the entire last week looking at awesome houses close around here....just maybe...don't you love I DO!!

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