Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our busy life:)

We have been up to SO much lately...which is why I haven't been posting nearly enough. 
It started with my hubby's mom visiting, which is always busy, because we want to spend every waking moment with her because she is just that awesome!!
We had a lot of fun cooking, cleaning, eating and talking all hours of the night. She always has such great ideas about the gospel, families, relationships, rearing children etc...it was great to talk about everything. Our talks have given me a renewed desire to look into homeschooling again, as she has done all forms of schooling with her kids, and really loved the time she was able to spend with her kids while she home-schooled them for those few years.
My hubby has been particularly busy as of late. I had gotten a job offer, but wasn't sure if I should take it or not, as he had been called for a ton of interviews, and they had all been going really well! I ended up turning it down (more on that later) because his prospects were looking so good. 
He went to a ton of interviews the last few weeks, and has been working odd jobs in the mean time, and studying for a super hard test called the GMAT, that he had previously set up, in order to try and get into Business school (MBA). 
Today, in fact, he is writing that super hard test...and tomorrow he has a 2nd interview for a job that he really wants. I am SO glad that we have the knowledge that the gospel brings into our lives, my father was able to give my hubby a really great blessing before he left, and he was blessed with peace and safety. 
I was particularly glad for the safety part, as we are up north visiting family, and the weather is horrendous here. He called when he made it to the testing center, and said that the roads were really awful, but he made it. One semi-truck driving next to him completely spun out and was headed towards on-coming traffic, but was miraculously stopped by the wire fence down the meridian, which apparently looked as if it were going to snap...it was really a miracle that he made it there safely.
I've been getting ahead of myself and already looking at mls.ca at some awesome houses!! ha ha
When I got offered my job, I was seriously thinking about taking it, even if my hubby works too. After some thought, it didn't make sense to work out of the home, when most of what my hourly wage was, would be going towards babysitting...it just didn't seem worth it. So, instead, I decided I would start babysitting from home
I'm SUPER excited about this, and have been researching really neat toys and Montessori-style learning, which is what I'm going to to base it on. 
I've been looking into some great activities, and setting up a whole room in which I'll have all of the toys/activities/learning games set out. 
Even if I don't end up babysitting a ton, I will still be really glad that I've done all of this planning and learning, because I think it'll be a great little room to hang out in with the kids all day. 
Once it's finished, I'll have to do a whole new post about it...it's working out really well in my mind, so hopefully it turns out like that in real life too!!
I'm excited for what this next week will bring, and I'll update you all when we find out about the job:)

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