Sunday, January 6, 2013

This is my year...2013

I first have to say how excited I am that it's 2013...13 has been both mine and my hubby's fave number for as long as we both can remember (probably pre-teen age...who knows).
He thinks that it was his number first and that I had a such a major crush on him (which I DID) that I made that my fave number too...not true:) I'm sure I had it before he did!
The moral of the story is that it's bound to be a FANTASTIC year:)

Things I'm excited for:
-Daydreaming about the house we'll have someday...and hopefully coming closer to that goal throughout the year
-Having our little peanut come to us this year...and making a wicked nursery for him!
-Organizing the house much better...making the kids a great toy room
-Saving a lot of money throughout the year (fingers crossed)...that will go towards a new house (or student loans, depending on if you ask me or my hubby;)
-Having my hubby finish "training" at his work, and actually start working. It'll still be a while...but we're excited for that step!
-Having a TON of fun with my family and friends AND hopefully becoming a better person while I'm at it:)

I made a pretty lengthy list of goals (that I'm super stoked about)...I don't like to call them New Years resolutions because I like to come up with goals all-year round, and constantly be re-vamping them and getting rid of these are mostly just my "next" goals.

Here they are:
-Saving a lot more money this year(through having cheaper dates, scrimping more on my miscellaneous and food budgets and planning cheaper outings and activities with the kiddos)
-Increasing Temple attendance. Our Stake has specifically asked us to do this. I think it'll be great for us, as we can just use this as our date nights 2x month. This works awesome with our free live-in sitter, as she's busy with work, we can work out a schedule that works for all of us.
-Increasing scripture study. This is a long one...
I'm totally re-vamping the way that I study everyday. I'll continue reading a few pages from the Book of Mormon everyday. I'll underline anything to do with The Holy Ghost, so I can learn more about that specifically.That way of marking scripture came from Elder Bednar (who I adore), and I'm previously done it while marking about prayers, and answers to them.
 I will also be going along the themed outlines of the new Sunday School curriculum (of which I teach), and studying on my own daily about that months theme. This month is The Godhead, and I've already learnt a lot this last week, and can't wait to delve deeper in the next 3 weeks to come.
-Spending less time on electronics. This includes not checking all of my social media sites a bazillion times a day. Also, limiting TV-watching to 2-3 nights a week, after the kids are sleeping.
-During the day, before I do anything on "electronics" I'll be spending quality time with each of the kids, getting my daily to-do lists done, and keeping the house clean.
-Go to bed earlier, and try and wake up earlier--so we can spend time as a family in the morning.
-One last one I just thought of in the last week or so is increasing my relationship with my hubby. We get a long really great, but I think it would be nice to add more "high-school romance". Things I thought of were holding hands more, cuddling more while were sitting next to each other anyways, writing love notes, daydreaming(I read that online and think it's  such a cute idea...I always used to daydream about him while dating-check out the link to read more about that) and going on fun and romanc-y date-nights/spending quality time together (also super cute ideas online).

I think that's everything...and it's going well so far:)


  1. I like how you slipped in there the sex of your baby (atleast I think thats what you did:)) Congrats! Those sound like awesome goals. I think we should all follow your example with them:)

    1. I totally did! Whoops...ha ha....yup, we're excited for another boy:)