Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 14/15

I think I'm around 14 weeks (by LMP) and 15 weeks (by my ultrasound). 
I had another quick ultrasound, thanks to my awesome see if we could find out the gender a little early. 
I would tell you more about that....but I think we're gonna keep it hush-hush until we go to our "real" ultrasound. 
Luckily...we were able to switch it a few weeks earlier, so that the hubby gets to be there too.
A week or two ago I started feeling WAY better. I get dizzy occasionally  sometimes nauseous ..but really pretty much not at all. 
The only new symptom I've started feeling is indigestion/heartburn...which so far has been slight. BUT, usually it doesn't start for me this earlier, and always gets increasingly, not super excited for that to happen. 
I seriously haven't gotten bigger at all! People keep commenting on how small I look...which is crazy, because  mere few weeks ago, I felt huge so early...but I have just remained the same...weird. 
Our dear friends had a sweet little baby boy that I got to snuggle with this week...he is such a doll:) 

I feel really lucky this time around...I'm past the sickness stage...I feel great...I don't have to eat constantly...and everything seems to be going so normally. Hopefully the rest of my pregnancy is just as good!! (fingers crossed)

I see my OBGYN for the first time sometime in the next month or so...which is super exciting. I just really think he's SO awesome, and feel really at ease with his capabilities. 
Hopefully we'll be able to talk more about my birth-plan, and see whether or not a VBAC is an option for me...which is what we've been hoping for:)

Well...that's about it for now...and MAYBE, just maybe, one day I'll actually remember to take a picture or two again of me? ha:)

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