Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 12/13

Nothing new to report.
I have a horrible memory and pretty much forget everything...even when I am reminded, and have it written awesome.
I kind of feel like my brain is leaking out little by little...or maybe lot by lot?! That's probably more likely.
Thus, I have completely forgotten to take a picture for the last 2 or so weeks...I don't think I've gotten much bigger though.
I had my first real prenatal appointment. I haven't gained a pound, which I suspected, because I've had a hard time eating for the first 12 or weeks.
The last week has been getting better, and I've been feeling more like myself, and getting much more of an appetite...which is nice.
A and Roo are super excited for the baby....especially roo. He talks about the baby ALL the time, and in every prayer says "thank you that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and that it's going to pop out in May".
He knows I'm due in May, because almost every 5 seconds he was asking about when the baby would pop out, and why it was taking so long...maybe I should have waited a few more months to tell them? ha ha.
Roo went with me to my appointment and got to listen to the heartbeat and the baby kick...he loved it. He told everyone that day that he listened to the baby in my tummy kicking and splashing around (splashing came after a long discussion about how the baby was fitting in my tummy and what it was doing and amniotic fluid etc.).
I'm hoping that this feeling well stint just keeps increasing...although it IS quite annoying to be hungry pretty much all the time...but babies are cute and so worth it:)
Hopefully I'll actually remember to take a picture soon!

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