Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 18...

Well, I'm "officially" 18 weeks...because I had my actual scheduled ultrasound, and she officially changed my dates, just as my ultra-sound tech friend had said.
My new due date is now May 23rd. My hubby has always said he thinks the baby will come on May 24th.
I'm feeling pretty good, minus the indigestion/heartburn.
Un-related to pregnancy I have been sick with an awful cold for the last 2 weeks, that has had me mostly's been awesome, not. I feel like I'm finaly on the mend, I just get tired really easily.
Roo loves to give the baby kisses, and we mostly call the baby "jellygopher" which is a name A came up with when we were pregnant with roo.
We don't have too many baby names picked we'll have to start working on that list sometime soon.
We're pretty excited to start the Christmas festivities that will ensue this weekend, as everyone in my immediate family is celebrating Christmas over at our house! :)

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