Thursday, January 3, 2013

20 weeks and halfway:)

Well, I'm halfway! So I figured it'd be a good time to actually post all if my "drafts" that I've been saving for the last 17 weeks or so. 
We're up in Edmonton for the hubby's work and having a great time. The boys say they never want to  go back home...but I'm pretty sure the hotel room will get old eventually:)
Our Christmas was awesome, I loved having everyone over at my place...but one thing I noticed (besides that there is NO point in making plans when it comes to my family, because it usually ends up happening completely differently, lol) is that I need a NEW house....a much bigger one. 
My house just isn't made to entertain 20 plus my goal is to start scrimping and saving, so sometime in the next year or two we can build the house that's currently in my head. 
I've had a lot of time to think while driving over the Holidays, and I've come up with some new goals for the year that I'm excited about. 
-yes we know the gender now...I'm think of outting it on Facebook soon, so people stop wondering if I'm just getting fat:)
-I can feel the baby move all the time now, if I sit down long enough to think about it
-I'm feeling pretty good, the indigestion/heartburn hasn't been too bad lately 
-Roo constantly hugs, kisses and rubs my belly...usually talks to it too. I think he's the most excited one out of ALL of's pretty stinking cute. 
-I haven't been sleeping well lately...hopefully it's jus the hotel room, and not permanently staying this way. 
-I got some really cute maternity clothes, and pants that are super comfy. I may always wear them:)

When I'm not stuck blogging on my iPad, I'll actually post some new pictures. My belly us slightly bigger, not too much though. I think it's noticeable now! Ha ha


  1. what. I can't believe you are posting these all at once right now:) I had no idea. what a great surprise. Congratulations!

  2. You are right- your house is not big enough for 20 or so.. IE the Thompson clan but it would be super cool to invision something big enough- I bet mom has lots of ideas around that, too. lol
    I also noticed that I have a constant stuff/bloody nose- so weird I wonder why that is... I guess maybe its common or a family thing. lol
    Another thing- when you said heartburn before I didn't understand- now I do- heartburn to the point where it hurts to swallow and your jaw and back and neck and EVERYTHING hurts- Ya, I get it now. Sorry I didn't before. Hopefully yours isn't too bad this time around. So excited for cousins!

    1. I'm excited too! And my heartburn hasn't ben too bad the last week or so:)