Friday, November 5, 2010


I'm sitting here watching my friend D's children, they are SO adorable...and listening to the sounds of R try to talk to her little girl: "mommy, no-na, head!" is amazing to see them interact together, and SO cute. 

I had to say BOO to even get them to look my way, they were too involved in their playing, lol:

Anyways, thought I would post on the latest event in our little                                      family, Halloween!

I'm more than kind-of, a halloween all respects. If I had it my way (and all the money in the world), my house would be one of those that transforms into a huge haunted house with goblins everywhere, or a graveyard with bodies that jump out at you as you try and get to the candy, or better yet, the boat from pirates of the caribbean (complete with characters and music, as seen on 6th ave this halloween.....SO cool!). Alas, my husband is the opposite of me, and if it were up to him, we'd have little to no decorations, and boring costumes, lol. We compromise, with me doing more than he thinks we need to, and me doing WAY less, ha ha. 

My favorite part of halloween, however, is not the eccentric decorations...but the COSTUMES!!! I think about what our family will dress-up as months before october, changing my mind several times....until I finally come up with some sort of cool themed family costumes. So, one year we were jasmine, aladdin and aboo(sp?)....another year we were a childrens book, and the characters from it (the alphabet zoo, my husband makes a great book, ha ha....and we were "L is for Lion", "F is for Frog" and "P is for Panda", it was  pretty much awesome). This year we were.....drumroll please....

Thats right! We we're the Incredible's!! Only missing Violet of course....but I thought it turned out really well! A few days before Halloween, we realized our iron-on logos we had ordered, were not going to show...and had to improvise with colored duct-tape and scizzors....didn't Daddy do a GREAT job at making those logos? I LOVED how our costumes turned out, and I think everyone else did too.

Momma as Elastigirl!!!

A as Dash! Doesnt he look happy? LOL...sorry about the low-quality photos, but our camera wasn't working, so these are phone photos. And A wasn't this grumpy later on, ha ha.

Mr. INCREDIBLE!!! Just missing a few key bulges in the tummy area, and everywhere else too, ha ha. Isn't he SUCH  a great sport? He never complains, and always dresses up happily in whatever I make him wear....I'm not kidding either, if I'd found red tights for him to wear, instead of this alter-ego suit, he would have worn it....he's GREAT!!

.....And of course you can't have the family without little baby Jack-Jack....actually the whole idea started out with him. Several people have told us how much they think he looks like jack-jack all the we figured we'd play off his natural charm, lol. Like seriously, check this next pic out (taken months ago)....he totally looks like him! :

What a CUTE little boy, huh? I LOVE this kid....he's a doll.

Anyways....back to is one of me and A posing:

and here's an ACTION shot, LOL:

So, those are our for the decorations! :

carving the pumpkin, which was a first for our two exchange students, as they've never done it before. As was eating pumpkin seed, which turned out SO YUMMY!!! mmmmmm.....

Our ROCKET-SHIP pumpkin, and chosen by A, as he is a little in love with rockets, and anything space-related, for that matter. We think it turned out pretty great, this picture really doesn't do it justice.

Here's a pic of our SCARY door!:

These pumpkins I made by spray-painting regular pumpkin, and then painting letters on them, my wonderful sister-in-law K helped me out with the letters...I LOVE how they turned out...

Another angle....

The WHOLE thing....

I almost forgot our sock-skeletons!

Happy Halloween!!! Oh, and here are a few pictures of the CHRISTMAS lists we made this morning...okay, maybe I'm just a holiday-nerd...I'm already SOOOOO....excited for Christmas!

A took this one:

Blog out!!

Daily Gratitudes: Long, hot, relaxing, child-free showers; beef jerky and rocking and singing R to sleep in our glider rocking chair, that I love!

Funny Quote(s) of the day: A to his friend M while I drove both of them in the van "Wanna hear the funniest joke in the whole world? bllaaahhhh!!!(blowing and spitting out his mouth).....and this morning after making our wishlists, "I wanna write to santa, how do I spell, I love you santa!" awww....


  1. LOVE the pumpkins! All of the decorations turned out great! Also Im so jealous that you and D;s kids get to play!! Poor Nod is cousinless!!

  2. I IS sad...find us a job in RD, and we'll move!