Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our First Blog

So....I've officially joined the blogosphere! I've been thinking about it for a while now. After being an avid facebooker for so long, I've realized that I started to think in status updates, which often sound more like lengthy blog-posts, ha to ease my burdened mind, I thought I would start journaling. I also think its a great way to journal, as I know a friend of mine got her blog published into a hard-cover book that she could use as a family history journal. I think its a GREAT idea, as I am so bad with remembering to journal anything, and find myself saddened at the lack of memories I have written down about the kids. They really do say the funniest things, pretty much every day. So I plan on writing a funny quote of the day each post too. Another great reason I started to blog was to increase in gratitude...I have noticed several blogs that have lists of daily gratitudes, one that I happened across, was an entire blog devoted to daily gratitudes, with one each day for 365 days. I thought it was amazing! It widens your mind to everything around you, that you should be grateful for, but frequently overlook. Another thing I've noticed, is that since I've been out of school for 2 years now (sad!), I find myself having to think about how to spell certain words, or writing phrases that aren't in the least bit eloquent....I think it comes partially from being around toddlers all day, and partially from when I do write, only writing in some cOmPuTeRy facebook language. Like that! Computery, so not even a word....look at me go. I'm hoping that writing everyday, or nearly everyday, will improve my writing skills. So, for all of these reasons, I have been thinking about starting up a blog. Although, the reason that really got me to doing something about it, is adoption (of which I'll talk about more in detail later). "Daddy" and I have been wanting to adopt for a while now, but have never been quite sure how we should go about it. After a lot of thought and prayer, we have decided not to go on a "adoption list", but to try and adopt either privately, or through a government agency (like child welfare services or something). Anyways, we thought that if we find anyone who is interested in our family, having a blog would be something they could look through to learn more about us and what we do. 
Wow, I am so good at this, already one, overly lengthy, paragraph, and I haven't even begun to talk about my family yet (I promise that my paragraph spacing will get better over time, as that last paragraph was like a bad run-on sentence)!This is going to be fun, ha ha. Maybe I will save the next post for a synopsis of our family life over the last few years, oh, and hopefully some cute pictures of Halloween too! I LOVE Halloween, and am still a little sad that its over. I haven't been able to bring myself to get rid of our cute decorations, or beautiful pumpkins, so maybe posting some pictures of it will help. 

Daily Gratitude- that I actually started a blog! yay!...and for my wonderful sister helping me figure out how to get the cute little pictures off to the side, of each member of our family ---> see? so cute!! ha ha

Quote- not a quote of today, but one of my fave "A" quote of possibly ever....said to our exchange student: "Your from japan? You must be a ninja! I must be from Japan too, because I'm a ninja!" and shortly after I had told this story to a few of my friends he said "mom, you don't have to tell everyone!"


  1. Welcome to the blogging world; it's great to see you here with those adorable boys and wonderful husband that makes supper for you!!

  2. Yay! Im Wonderful! PS I really like how you put the profile on the left, and I REALLY like the cool silhouette at the bottom!!