Monday, November 15, 2010


So, today I just have to quickly gush about how wonderful my children are. R started copying everything I say today...and it is SO cute the things he picks up, when I'm not even paying attention. Unless of course its saying "punch, punch, bam!" or "nope, mine now!" ha ha....he's freaking adorable, seriously. 
The cutest thing ever today though, was with A....we were having a short and sweet FHE lesson...(aren't they fun? ha ha), which is basically just a night we get together and sing songs, read scriptures and play games together. We had a short little lesson, and I asked if anyone had any questions. A pipes up and starts asking all these questions, like "How is does Jesus get inside our bodies? How does the Holy Ghost too?" etc....and then he said "I know! We can never be lonely because Jesus is always with us, and so is our family...and he EVEN made the land, and without it we couldn't walk on anything, it would just be space! And he made the pillows,and our WHOLE house, or we would be really cold! And he made our bodies even! Or else we couldn't walk or talk or ANYTHING!" he went on for a while, lol. It was amazing to see him talk about it, and how genuinely happy and excited he was! He is learning and growing SO much! I definitely teared up a bit at all of his questions and the answers that he would come up with. I love my boys SO much...I kinda almost hope that I have ALL boys....just because these ones have turned out SO great, how could we ever go wrong?

On a completely unrelated note, I was really planning on putting up decorations today, and making daddy put up the lights...but of course it didn't happen. BUT....drum-roll please...instead I made 2 HUGE homemade lasagnas, one for the freezer....4 apple pies, and a whole pan full of mini meatloaf (also for the freezer)...and they are delicious!!! I was pretty proud of all that I got done, even though what I REALLY wanted to be doing was decorating.

well, I'm pretty sure that my daily gratitudes and funny quotes we're all in my I hope you enjoyed them! ( I sure did!!)


  1. Oh man!! A and R sond adorable! I miss them! I hope B learns to get excited about Jess too one day... honestly, the first day she does something like that I will probably be a sobbing mess of happiness! LOL

  2. ha is so cute, and honestly I was so teary-eyed, he knows SO much...sometimes I wonder if I really taught him all of that or he somehow just knows....also...wait till you see my next post on his sweet lego skills-he's some smart kid