Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lego my eggo....

So A has some sweet mad skills....every time he makes something out of lego I am amazed...he is fantastic! Last night I was commenting to daddy about how A is SO good at lego, and how I think there is a chance he's already better than me at building stuff and daddy turned to me and said "no thinking about it, he is better." ha ha...thanks for the vote of confidence babe. He tried to make ma feel better by saying that I'm much better at other things, like music and stuff....great, I'm more musically inclined than a 4 year old, ha ha ha. 

Anyways, back to A, since how daddy is right, as much as I hate to admit it....I'm a little shocked at A's designs sometimes. He doesn't have a ton of lego, really not much at all actually, so you'd think that he would have limited options on what to build. But no. He always builds amazing spaceships, rockets and airplanes. they are always completely symmetrical, even in color. I take pictures of his designs often, just because I am so amazed at how good they are. He has a real knack for lego, which is good, because the musical skills are slow in coming, lol. 

                 A's sweet spaceship skillz...

A with one of his creations in the morning....

Sorry this one is sideways, lol, I couldn't figure out how to switch it yet.

He is also getting really great at gymnastics. Just last year he was in the parented class, and his coach agreed to let him go into the first non-parented class even though he wasn't in the right age group yet. I was wondering how he would do, without me there to coach him along, and because the other kids are all older than him, some significantly so. But, he has been doing awesome! He can walk across a high balance beam by himself, do semi-dive rolls down inclines, and theirs weird monkey-hanging thingy on the uneven bars. He is getting really good!

Daddy and I always thought that the easiest way to make millions was to have prodigy children, that would excel in something enough to become famous, LOL. Our plan for A was football star. Kicker to be precise. Due to his large and broad stature, and his love for physical sports, we thought this would be great. We chose kicker because I want him to be on the field for the least amount of time, so there is a much greater chance he'll stay safe, lol. I've always hated watching sports'm not gonna be the greatest sports mom, thats for sure. Anyways, you can't really practice football too well when your 2 or 3 or 4, ha ha, so that angle hasn't panned out for us so well. But apparently he'll be a GREAT lego maker, and gymnast. Wonder if we can make millions off of a lego-building gymnast?? ha ha ha...if not, at least we will have a few years of lego building fun together, and hey, maybe I'll learn a thing or two!

Another thing that A loves to do, is take pictures, and pretty funny to watch him record things. 
He loves decorating for christmas, and decided to take some pictures of some of the decorations we started putting up:

He's pretty good, eh?

The boys also LOVE the snow...they woujld play outside all day, if I let them....but I love them and don't want them to freeze, ha ha, so I don't. Its pretty funny actually, because A asks first thing in the morning, it could be 7 am, and he already wants to go out and play. Here is him ALL dressed up to go outside...

What cutie petootie I have, huh?


Daily Gratitude: That my kids LOVE to outside, play inside, play playdoh, play lego....pretty much anything, they just love to play!


  1. who knows, maybe he'll be some kind of engineer and design cool looking cars, planes, boats, and of course spaceships one day!

  2. ha ha, maybe?! Thats what I'm thinking, but he says he really wants to be an astronaut, lol

  3. Have you been to Lego land? Randa just posted about it.

  4. sweet! I just looked at her post, it looks amazing! I've never even heard of it, but we'll definitely have to check it out our next visit to cali.