Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Family

So...I thought I'd do a brief little synopsis about what our family has been up to these last 5 years. Daddy and I got married almost 5 years ago, our anniversary is coming up quick(which I'm super excited about, and hoping for a right-hand ring...a nice one, ha ha). We enjoyed 2 weeks of wedded bliss before getting pregnant, crazy I know! And also not on purpose, ha ha....but those things are just meant to be. After crying myself to sleep a few times, I realized that the Lords timing is not always ours. I was still in school, and felt like I wanted more "us" time before the crazy mood-swinging, vomiting, eating-all-the-time craziness kicked in, but nope, thats not how it happened. Looking back, I'm so glad that it happened how it did, I became way more motivated when it came to my schooling, and learned a lot about everything, in those first few trimesters of marriage, ha ha. I also feel like we kinda had the whole marriage thing easy. I mean, I don't know if you've ever met my hubby, but he's quiet, kind, caring....and we got along really well. So maybe this was our maybe about it actually, it was a trial....from start to finish. "A" was a difficult baby....right from the get-go, as soon as that teeny little sperm met that egg, he was crazy, lol. My pregnancy was more than a little rough, but I can't really complain, because I know so many women who have it worse. My delivery however, I can more than complain about, but I won't, simply because, I've complained about it enough for one lifetime, ha ha. So, yes, he was difficult as it was, by c-section, which landed me a whole lot more issues as well. The next few months were full of bad painkillers, even worse allergic reactions, infections and on and on. In the midst of all of this, I had THE worst colicky baby known to mankind. I'm talking serious colic, like crying 18-ish hours a day. It was terrific. "A" is wonderfully cute, and we love him to death, but he was a hard child. I could go on about our first few years of sleepless parenthood, but lets talk about the good stuff.

It was awesome watching him learn and grow, as I'm sure it always is with the first child. We couldn't wait to hear his first words and watch his first steps, but once we did, we wanted him to go back to being that little baby(not that he was ever that little, lol...9 lbs 11 oz). I went back to school after a little while, and Daddy and I took turns watching A and was a lot of work, but also really enjoyable. I love school, I have always loved school. So, when I graduated a few years later, I was relieved, and a bit sad that it was finally over. Daddy was excited though, that he could finally focus on his schooling more, and didn't have to share the computer as much. I was 5 months pregnant with R when I graduated, which was also a "fun" experience, as I was quite sick, and barely made it across the stage without passing out....literally, I actually half-fainted as I was sitting down, ha ha. So....after that my journey as a full-time mother began, and I gave birth to a much smaller baby, 3 weeks before his due date. Due to his early arrival, we were not prepared at all, half-thinking the hospital would send us home, telling us we weren't really in labor. But no, R entered the world, and we had no clothes for him, no camera, no grandparents waiting, nothing. Things fell in to place quickly, as they always do, and everything turned out. I joked after A that if I would die if I had another colicky, sleepless baby....maybe the Lord thought he would play a little joke on me after that comment, because R was only slightly less colicky, for longer though...and a LOT less sleepless, ha ha. The things we go through as a mother, lol.
R is a beautiful child, but completely opposite of A, which was incredibly surprising to me. A was a big child, always in the 99th-ish percentile or more, had thick, long back hair...and was noisy right from the beginning. He talked early, walked early, and has never stopped either since! R was blonde, fair, small, has a hard time gaining any weight, and has always been quiet. He has started talking recently, but always speaks in whispers, and loves to play by himself. Daddy graduated a few months ago, and started working here in Lethbridge.
From here, we are not quite sure where life will take us. Daddy's job is not what he wants to be doing, but is a great temporary job....we're hoping he'll get a "real" job (like what he actually wants to be doing in the near future.
We would love to have a large family, and have always been interested in adoption. Its always been in the back of my mind, but after some difficult c-section recoveries, I feel like it would be beneficial for us to wait a little while to get pregnant. So, we feel like adoption would be a great step for us right now.

Who knows what the future holds, as it is always changing. What we do know is that our life has been greatly blessed....every aspect of it. I know that whatever is meant to happen will, and that our life will work out in the way it is supposed to, if we keep doing what we know to be right.
And thats our family in a nutshell! A very long nutshell, ha ha.

Daily Gratitudes-getting out of the house with friends, and feeling refreshed with good adult conversations!

Funny Quote(s)- from Daddy actually, speaking of how organized and crafty I've become lately "wow, your like a grown-up woman now!" LOL. From A after telling parenting our exchange student on what it means to "share", we asked him who taught him about sharing so well, "nobody did, I know everything all by myself!"


  1. Love it! Great post!!!! I really like how you use bold, italics, and font changes... keeps it a lot more interesting!

  2. Thanks....I like it that way too, it was much too boring all the same font. and thanks for all your help!

  3. This was great! I was wondering why you chose the adoption option earlier and now I know! You probably dont want to go though all that again! My cousin's adoption story is so special. They're hoping to adopt again (in the US). If you want, you can check them out @

  4. I'd love to check them out, I love reading other peoples adoptions stories, thanks!