Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My cute little "A"

Since I don't have any exciting stories to tell in my post today, I thought I'd do a post on my sweet little A, well, actually big A....mostly because he is SO awesome...and one day when I publish a copy of my blog and give him one, he'll know how much I love him and LOVE watching him learn and grow.

A came into our family thanksgiving weekend 2006. As I've probably said before, we were quite surprised when we found out we were prego only a couple of months after we got married! It only took a few months into my pregnancy for me to figure out that A was going to be a wild child. I can remember many nights, laying awake to the beat of his kicking inside my little tummy. Scratch that, BIG tummy, ha ha...I was never little with A....I knew 3 things about him before he was born: 
1-that he was going to be a boy (it was supposed to be a "surprise", but I always knew)
2-that he would be one hyper kid! He was ALWAYS kicking away...and hard too...
3-that he would be BIG (although my doctor never seemed worried, he was quite surprised when he came out as big as he did)

A has always been a big boy....big head, big feet...and difficult to shop for, ha ha. He has always been very social too. He started walking at 11 months and 1 week old...and in no time at all was a climbing and running machine. I remember one day going into his room and finding that he had climbed out of his crib, opened up all his dresser drawers and climbed up them...to turn his light on and off of course!! He also started talking SUPER early....besides the usual "mamamama"....he was 7 months old when he said his first word, as clear as a bell "Uh-Oh!"....it was SO cute. He would crawl around saying uh-oh all day long. At 11 months he started saying a lot more words until then he would only say momma, daddy, Uh-oh, no and bang-bang (thanks to his wonderful 6/8-yr old uncles who thought it would be a great idea to teach him how to shoot!!). After that his vocabulary grew and grew, until he went into nursery, already speaking in sentences! I tried teaching him sign language, but he'd always learn to say the word, before he even knew how to sign it. It was really easy to understand what he wanted, which made it easy on us...because he'd always tell us why he was upset, or what he wanted. 
Since then he's been growing and growing. He's turned into quite the independent little guy. He can make his own breakfast (so mom can lay in bed with R for longer!), he loves changing in and out of different outfits throughout the day, and loves to play with any type of "weapon" as he calls it, ha ha...and ALL toys. He is still a very sociable little guy, willing to talk to and play with anyone. 
He is in swimming lessons, which he loves...and is learning how to swim on his own and stay under the water for longer periods of time. He also REALLY loves gymnastics, which he has been doing for a while now. Just last week he did something on the bars all by himself! This is his first time in gymnastics on his own, and he is doing GREAT! Way better than when I was in class with him. We don't have him in preschool, as I wanted to send more time with him at home....but he has been begging me to put him in school, so we might change our minds next semester. 

My favorite thing about him is talking to him, he always has the cutest and funniest things to say! He loves to talk to me, about anything and everything, all the time. I can remember one trip to visit the grandparents, and for the entire 4 hour drive home he was talking and asking us questions....with no pause!! ha ha....it was a long trip. 
We love to watch him grow, and love how kind and sweet he is....especially to his little brother, R. They love each other a lot. R is always laughing at A's jokes, and copy-cating absolutely everything he does. A is never bothered by it either, he loves attention...and he loves that he always has someone to play with, even if mommy is busy. 
I love you little A!!!

Daily Gratitudes: NETFLIX!! The boys love watching cartoons on netflix on my bed, while I nap beside them, or take one of those long relaxing child-free showers I love so much! That my wonderful friend N comes over to visit me during her lunch break, it always gives me something to look forward to.

Funny Quote: I have thought about making a while funny quote section devoted to our exchange students, because they say and do really funny things...so, this one is from our student, S, as we were sorting through halloween candy, she opened some play-doh and said "what is this?" we told her it was play-doh, and she started to eat it! Apparently she'd never heard of play-doh, so me telling her didn't really help, ha ha...and just this morning she was asking what lego was, "I hear about this lego thing a lot, is it a TV show or something?" ha ha...what fun it is to have exchange students, most of the time, LOL.


  1. I love A too! He's so fun to have in our class!

  2. ha ha, thanks!! He is fun!!

  3. so cute! i love reading your blog and hearing about your kids etc cuz we never see you! what adorbale kids you have!

  4. Thanks!! Which Julie is this? I tried viewing your profile, but it didn't work....private or something.

  5. ha ha, nevermind....I figured it out, lol...and i am glad you have a blog too!! I've been reading it, its nice to keep up with whats happening!