Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ode to Poo

what a subject, eh? I know, highly blog-appropriate. I hadn't planned on posting anything tonight, until I began to think of poop. How wonderful it is. Not really, more like how awful it us, but how my life has somehow become revolved around poo, ever since my first child was born.
Changing it, cleaning it up, making sure it ends up in the potty, making sure it ends up in the diaper, cleaning it up, making sure its actually happening, making sure its not too runny or too hard,cleaning it up, making sure sick tummies don't leads to it(at least don't lead to it all over me, the child, the bed and down the hallway....and yes, that has happened) bringing in samples to the doctors when the kids are sick (okay that only happened once so far, but it was gross!), teaching your kids how to do it then un-teaching them how to say it(as its said ALL day), listening to jokes about it, and did I mention, cleaning it up?? THAT is the worst....
What brought to mind all of these wonderful poop thoughts was an unpleasant accident tonight, that lead to a lot of cleaning, washing and showering....oh what fun it is!!
Another interesting thought is that we teach our kids how to do it, being so proud when they finally tell us that they need to go...and can go on their very own!! And then shortly after we switch it all up on them, not letting them talk about it public or make any "potty" humor....what mean parents we are. I don't know maybe its worse with boys than it is with girls...but I doubt it, as my nieces have given me several interesting poo stories as well.
Anyways, thats the end of my rant. Oh, poo, how your loved, NOT! rather hated actually....I can't wait till the day that I no longer have to worry about my children's bowel movements anymore!!


  1. My favorite story- one of your uncles was supposed to take stool samples at lunch time- so his wife cleverly hid the little vials in a brown paper bag for him to take, the same kind of brown paper bag that she also packed his lunch in. He commented that if he got them mixed up, he would look inside and say, "look at the crap my wife is feeding me!!"

  2. Yes, I DO remember that one....ha ha....its a great story, LOL