Sunday, November 21, 2010


When I first started blogging, I was determined to blog everyday, or at least, close to it, ha ha. Its harder than it looks! LOL. With decorating, cleaning, kids, callings, is just busy. 
Especially this last week, I've felt like we have had SO much going on that we haven't had time to even hang out, just daddy and I. Its times like these where I see the little blessings in our lives, just as I was bemoaning the fact that the weekend is over, and I felt like I haven't spent any good quality time with my hubby....just then I realized that next weekend is american thanksgiving, and he gets american holidays off, so we have an extra long weekend! Just when we need it. To do nothing really....I just feel like sitting at home and spending time together. As much as I love being involved in kids sports and fun activities and what not, they can get a little bit cumbersome. So I'm glad that tomorrow morning is A's last swimming lesson, lets just hope that the van actually starts in the morning!

Also, a wonderful girl I know has a blog about adoption, and she has asked me to be a Guest Blogger!!! I am SO excited, but nervous at the same time...its easy to write in your own blog, but I feel a lot more self-conscious and writing a post in someone else's, now its gonna have to be good! ha ha....I was meaning to get it done this weekend, but as with a boat load of other things, it didn't get hopefully I'll find some time to write it tomorrow. I'll post a link on my blog to it too. 
Happy Sunday!!

Daily Gratitude: That I got a LOT of shopping done this weekend, with my kids in tow, and was able to be so sneaky about it that A didn't even realize we had bought anything!! Also, that we have been saving up for Christmas for a few months now, so that we can get the kids fun toys without spending too much.


  1. If you blog everyday there is NO way I'll be able to keep up! A couple times a week is great! I MISS YOU GUYS!

  2. ha ha....okay, that makes me feel better about not blogging so much, ha ha

  3. dont be nervous! haha it was great!
    you can check out my blog now ;)

  4. Thanks!! I'm not nervous anymore...only while I was writing it, ha ha...but I think it turned out good.