Tuesday, June 28, 2011

how funny roo-roo is...

Today on our way to the spray park, A was talking about patio furniture and how "our daddy made ours we didn't have to buy it!". Then roo goes, "really ashur, really? wow, that's SO awesome....so awesome" VERY emphatically, ha ha.
As we were walking from the spray park to the van he was lingering behind...and A and I were almost there....I said "Roo, where are you?"...he answered, "I'm right here mom! I'm here with my hat(as he swings it around) just looking at the clouds!! (looking up into the sky)....ha ha
THEN on the drive home...he says "MOM, look at THIS!" as he throws his hat behind his seat as hard as he can: "look! it disappeared!" LOL...
what a funny guy!!:)

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