Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"children of the force field"

As we were reading scriptures yesterday to the kids....well reading is a lose term, as I just say the phrase and they repeat it...anyways, I read: "...and the children of Israel." A then repeats: "the children of the force field"....I guess it kinda sounds the same? bahahahaha.

In other news, the rain has cleared up momentarily...so my hubby has been able to get in a few good days work, which is really nice. 
I've had a lot easier time being patient and just waiting four our "timing" to work out....I know its only been a few days, but it feels like my attitude on the whole thing really has changed. I feel way more hopeful and upbeat. Its been a good week so far. 
I still have this  crazy itching to move somewhere insane....but my hubby isn't completely sold on the idea...yet, ha ha. He said that he needs to stay here and apply for jobs for at least a few more months, before we give up and move to some crazy land. 
We are thinking(a.k.a. me, my wishful thinking, and a teensie bit of the hubby too) that we'll wait till sometime in October....and hope that he gets a job by then. If nothing is happening in the job or baby department by then...then we may just book it to another country for a while. 
I know my last post on moving somewhere crazy was all about moving to an island...but I've broadened my horizons a bit and am now looking at Europe, Thailand and New Zealand as well. 
Although it would be really nice for my hubby to find good work....I almost think that moving somewhere amazing would be much better, ha ha. We could come back just in time for summer next year, and he could do concrete for yet another summer, ha ha. We shall see....we shall see.
For now keep your eyes peeled for any sweet job postings...and send them our way! :)


  1. your boys are too cute! I love all the stories you share about them. The things kids come up with eh? And hope all works out with your hubby's job. He could apply at Precon....not sure if their hiring but its a hard job. Calebs glad its only for the summer, but it pays good. And weekends off :)

  2. Thanks! I love their stories too, ha ha. His job is great when it doesn't rain! ha ha...what does Caleb do there? Does he have work even in the rain?

  3. If you are moving someplace warmer, you better get your kids immunized first!

  4. skye- ha ha...we'll see....ha ha