Monday, June 6, 2011

somebody please stop this rain...

I REALLY need this rain to stop...normally I wouldn't be one to complain about it, because I am a HUGE fan of puddle-jumping. Apparently its good for the farmers fields too, ha ha....but puddle jumping is pretty sweet. We go to several indoor playgroups, and swimming lessons throughout the week, so my kids wouldn't die of boredom if it kept raining....and face it, no one likes to hang out with a whiner, its just not, back to my original thought, I usually don't complain about the rain. 
BUT...I am now...and I am begging, literally, for it to stop. JD has only worked one day out of the last 3, due to rain. We host exchange students for extra money, but we only have 2 right now, and I just found out we are only going to have 2 next month 2....which means he actually needs to start making some other money really soon. 
The seond reason, and probably seemingly a lot more silly....but still just as legitamite to me, is my fantastics friend Naomi's bridal shower on wednesday. I have it all planned out, and it really will be amazing, if the weather co-operates. I'm planning candles in mason jars, hanging from trees, archways, garden benches, loads of flowers, and really great food.....ahhhhhh.....its perfect in my mind. So yes, this rain needs to stop....pray for it!

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